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£7.50 / 1-7 days
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  • Bright & bold red seat
  • Very strong steel frame
  • Iconic Keeler shape
  • Stack easily for storing
  • Curved, supportive seat
  • Other finishes stocked
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Seating for any style

Red is a great colour when you’d like to make an impact - simply because it stands out, and when you combine this finish with the smooth shape of the Keeler chair, then you get really modern and eye catching seating!

Combine fun and fashion

There’s no reason at all for your furniture to fade into the background, we have lots of different chair rental designs so you’re free to use seating to add to the special ambiance you want to create. For example, when you’re after a premium atmosphere - perhaps for CEO offices, or top end lounges - then our tub chairs are perfect. Our Keeler chairs are a fantastic contemporary product that are popular choices for fun and fashionable locations, such as trendy restaurants, bars and other places where you want a more relaxed and funky vibe.

How to model a chair...

There’s one person we really need to thank for catapulting the Keeler chair into the public eye, and that’s 1960s model Christine Keeler. Before this decade, this seat was a practical, affordable and stylish chair - but when the model posed on it nearly naked, it hit the headlines.

Part of the reason the story was so big, was down to Christine Keeler’s reported relationship between herself, a British politician and a Russian spy. Once the images of her posing went to print, then the seat was forever called the Keeler chair - and they’re still popular today, and available to hire in an array of colours, from white, black, green and red.

Can you make a venue ‘young’?

Originally just a seat in a photographer’s studio, the Keeler chair served its purpose very well, it’s light, affordable, and has all the smooth, simple curves a stylish seat requires. All these benefits ensure the chair’s popularity, and our red models give them even more sex appeal!

Bright, funky seating, brings an energetic, youthful feeling to locations - great for those fun, modern events or locations, like trendy bars, restaurants, cafes, galleries, exhibitions, as well as offices, meeting areas and receptions, where you want impressive and stand out seating.

Behind every strong chair is...

The simple design of the Keeler chair makes it a strong chair, the steel legs are very robust, as does the plastic seat, which can be easily kept clean - perfect for eating areas. The overall shape of our red Keeler chairs, means that they can be stacked in seconds, so when you need to set them up, or take them down very quickly you can do - simple, stylish seating in no time at all!

Weight 3.50 kg
Height 835 mm
Width 490 mm
Depth 590 mm
Seat Depth 420 mm
Seat Height 460 mm

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