Event Furniture Hire in London

Your event is totally unique, which is why we’ve designed our service to fit as closely to your needs as possible.

For the big & bold and the small & subtle

Many of our customers are responsible for organising huge, glamourous occasions that are televised across the country. They’re visited by celebrities, royalty and even some everyday people like us! These require complex set ups, tight security, and of course the best quality products. Although we cater for these needs, we also supply rental products to those clients organising functions on a smaller scale. Our ultimate aim is to deliver an all-round first class service from the moment you first arrive at our website until after we’ve collected your order.

Get informed

We developed our website so we could make event furniture hire as simple as possible. We’ve showcased our products using photography, videos and product details allowing you to make an informed decision about what works best for you. Pricing structures are clear and easy-to-understand. We like to get you the best deal possible via our price match service - when you see similar items for hire at a lower price, send us the quote and we’ll try our hardest to meet it, or beat it.

Sit down in style!

As all events are different, then each of our customers rental needs will vary too. For those organising balls, sit down meals and other events featuring dining, our trestle table range is very popular. We have both round and rectangular tables available in a selection of sizes ranging from 1220mm to 1830mm. These can be covered with deluxe linens for a sophisticated look and surrounded by elegant seating, such as our limewash Chiavari, ghost Chiavari, or our chic banquet chairs - the choice is entirely yours!

Want to add a deluxe ambiance?

Not all events include a sit down meal, some might involve mingling with potential customers, networking at business occasions or holding brief and spur-of-the moment meetings. You might find our range of poseur tables useful for all these occasions especially when they’re combined with our stools. You can design premium looks with our walnut poseur tables and stools for example, or perhaps you’d like a fresh, light modern look with the help of our white poseur table and black leather stool with medium back. We also have a selection of items that can boost the VIP feel of your venue space for that added deluxe ambiance, such as red carpets and ropes and poles.

Make the most of those precious minutes…

For a relaxed and chilled out venue spaces you’re free to order our corbusier sofas - great for those meetings and networking events where you’d like to up the comfort factor! As well as being able to see all our products online, you can also place quotes for instant orders, and also arrange delivery and collection all from our website, in just a few minutes! 

Working beyond the 9am - 5pm

Event set ups rarely follow a 9am to 5pm schedule, many of our customers have required furniture in the middle of the night or on a Sunday for example, and with our service you’re able book your delivery for any time of day or night, depending on your needs. We’re dedicated to ensuring our all-round services entirely meets all your needs and more. If you have questions about any aspect of event furniture hire please get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Experts in Corporate Event Furniture Hire

Corporate events vary considerably in nature; from conferences, shareholder meetings, educational sessions, employee meetings, product launches, PR events and social occasions.

Whether or not a company is in need of additional furniture, such as seating, for an event is going to depend on where the event is hosted. Often this might be off-site as organised facilities, such as a local hotel or exhibition centre.  

Off-site events require the hotel or venue organiser to make all the necessary arrangements. However, these too often require chairs and other furniture to be hired in for an occasion, depending on the venues usual facilities and hosting capabilities. Some though may just offer a space and leave it up to the company or its event planner to make all the necessary preparations, which of course, is something Chair Hire can more than assist you with.

Larger companies may have their own space or spaces that can be adapted for use, as these days having a large space dedicated to this kind of affair is limited to the larger organisations and top companies who tend to have activities using the space frequently.

Multifunctional spaces though, may mean that it is impractical for a company to keep on hand anything other than some regular seating and so these companies are still likely to require hired in furniture from time to time.

Similar to the consideration a conference organiser is required to make, organising company events follow a common thinking process. 

  1. Why is the event being held and what is its purpose

  2. How many people will attend

  3. Will the room geometry have an impact

  4. Is it a formal or informal event

  5. Is this event informative, educational or interactive?

  6. How long will people be seated in one session?

  7. Is there a single speaker?

  8. Will the speaker be on an elevated stage

  9. What is the nature of the lighting for the event - darken room for presentations, well lit for education and interaction?

  10. Will people be taking extensive notes or interacting via mobile devices?

  11. Will attendees be seated around tables or in groups?

  12. Will there be any form of entertainment?

Let’s look at some of these in more detail.

The Nature Of The Event

Events such as product launches or product training may last for more than one day and so attendees ought to be seated join something that takes this in to consideration. For instance, a simple cheap plastic chair probably isn't going to work. More comfort needs to be provided. 

Major company announcements that last for a  maximum of a couple of hours may involve a lot of people. Comfort isn't a priority. Speed to set up and dismantle the event is key, as is minimising cost. Here, cheaper chairs can be used.

How many people will attend?

Often at company events, unless it’s an annual meeting or some kind, events are typically departmental or training and education related. These tend to be smaller affairs and may be accommodated within existing meeting rooms. On occasion though, these events may be hosted in on-site spaces that require additional temporary seating.

Also, from time tor time more significant events take place in the life of a company, such as major product launches, organisational changes, mergers & acquisitions, etc. While these too may be hosted externally, although larger organisation may do this internally.

Is this a formal of informal event?

Just as with conferences, the formality of the event may dictate the choice of chair. 

Hosting key shareholders or awards events usually dictate a choice of event chair that is more tasteful and may even have a cover.

Larger company social events or gatherings, where attendees spend more time on their feet in casual discussion may benefit from more casual seating and perhaps the use of poseur tables. 

Will there be any form of entertainment, indeed, is this an entertainment event? 

Naturally an event that involves entertainment, such as a company awards evening, may involve both entertainment and food & beverages. As a company you may choose to host this off company premises, some companies with reasonable facilities, such as their own on-site canteen, may organise this themselves. In which case choice of table and chair for the event would benefit from prior planning, especially of the event is due to a specific company announcement or in recognition of certain achievements. Here, Chair Hire’s own planners can assist in your choice of table, chairs and coverings.

ENVIRONMENT: What environment do you want to create for the attendees?

Company events are often held in recognition of something, such as performance, a new product launch or even a new M&A. 

As part of this, there may be a need to reflect  this in the theme of the event. This might be as simple as ensuring the decor promotes the brand or relates indirectly to the nature of the product launch by introducing aspects of the product (colour, imagery, styling).  

FOCAL POINT: Does the event have a focal point and where is t

Some events may have a centralised speaker on a stage. However, others may require a more intimate approach, particularly training events. 

Depending on how many people attend the event, an arrangement in the shape of a ‘U’ may be more practical, as that allows the ‘trainer’ to walk among the attendees and promotes a more proactive and engaging session. 

GUESTS: First and foremost - are there any special needs to be catered for?

Similar to a general conference event, one has to consider whether any special needs need to be catered for. This may mean seating areas are adjusted to accommodate people in wheel chairs or who have other disabilities that require them to have directly assigned seating which may be of a different type to that provided for other attendees.

How do you want to make your attendees feel?

Often, company events are designed to create a fair degree of motivation among employees. Or, at training events, attendees need to remain alert and attentive at all times. Naturally, this impacts the type of chair used. Reclining chairs, may no be, in this instance, the best choice. 

Chair Hire, Experts in Corprate Event Furniture Hire

For the most part, chairs and furniture used at company events needs to be functional, rather than aesthetic.  Budget may play a significant part in the choice of chair.

Planning the choice of chair to hire for a company event, should consider the factors we’ve mentioned here, so plan carefully and feel free to talk to Chair Hire’s own experts in hiring or renting furniture such as chairs for company events. We’d be happy to guide you in your selection of the perfect company event chair hire.