Wedding Furniture Hire

There’s nothing more magical than your wedding day and we’re here to help with all your furniture needs!

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the biggest moments in your life and there are many guides online helping you to plan for the perfect day. Although the stunning wedding dress, heartfelt vows and spectacular venue rightly demand your full attention, common items like tables and chairs for your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception should be grand, delightful, and very comfortable for you and your guests as well. This is where we come in and turn the unassuming furniture into something magical for you.

Apart from tables and chairs, we also supply premium linens, quality glassware, crockery, cutlery and accessories. At the grand entrance of your wedding reception, we can also provide rope barrier posts to organise and direct the crowds, a luxurious red carpet for the bride and groom to walk on, even freestanding screens to partition the place and add a little mystery.

Ring the bells...

Our clients come from lots of different industries so we have an insight into all the varying needs of customers organising events. These can range from huge entertainment shows, to outdoor sporting occasions - and weddings too! Every function is entirely unique and this is never more true when two people are celebrating getting married. Our wedding furniture hire service can be tailored to your exact needs and tastes so you get the perfect look for your big day, and great customer service to match.

Uniquely yours

We can safely say that no wedding where we’ve supplied furniture has ever been the same. Nearly every one has taken place at a different venue that’s been decorated according to the themes the couple have in mind. We’ve made sure that we constantly add new and contemporary furniture to our range so that you can create the perfect ambiance for your very special event. Some of our favourite products include our limewash Chiavari chairs for example, which offer a timeless elegance, while our banquet chairs with white cover are a supremely deluxe look that teams wonderfully with our trestle tables and white table cloths and napkins.

Furniture teams for every theme

When you prefer a more informal feel to your day, then our white folding fan back chairs are another option too. The stylish seat back design combined with the white frame and seat results in an attractive chair that brings a light, fresh feel to all venues. You can choose to use them with our trestle tables, or for those outdoor occasions we have a large selection of plastic tabling in white. As well as making sure we supply you with all the necessary items that weddings require - such as seating and tables - we also have accessories available that can up the glam factor if that’s what you’re looking for.

Affordable VIP price tags

red carpet surrounded by our chrome poles and rich scarlet ropes adds a VIP atmosphere to your wedding, and we also have poseur tables for elegant reception areas. Products are just one aspect of our wedding furniture hire service, we also commit ourselves to providing the very best customer service possible. We want to ensure that your rental arrangements are easy to make, are totally stress free and are of course affordable, so you’re able to easily stick to your wedding budget. We take the effort out of ordering thanks to our website, which is fully ecommerce and allows you to get quotes or place orders at any time of day from the comfort of your favourite chair.

Bespoke deliveries

What’s more, deliveries and collections can be organised for any time of day, on any day of the week, which can be helpful when venues have strict dropping off slots. Being affordable is so important for any kind of event, especially with a wedding as we know many of our customers save for years to enjoy their big day. We think our price match commitment can really help to preserve your budget - it’s very simple how it works, just send us a lower quote for like-for-like products and we’ll do our best to equal it… or beat it!

Comfort & Style: Finding the right tables and chairs for your wedding

Wedding chair and tables are often overlooked in a wedding, yet we all want to avoid a sore back (and bottom) from sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours or dining on a plasticky wobbly table that doesn’t match the tone of the wedding. Considering your event is meant to be a memory of a lifetime, you shouldn’t have to compromise. At Chair Hire, we have extensive knowledge of wedding party furniture rental and arrangement, so let us help you in the planning and decision making process.

Chairs for outdoor wedding ceremonies:

Sturdy and versatile, folding chairs remain a keen favourite for outdoor ceremonies. However, Chiavari chairs (sometimes known as Tiffany Chairs or Ice Chairs) and Keeler chairs are now widely popular and used at outdoor ceremonies as well.

Tables & chairs for wedding receptions:

The average wedding reception with full meal usually lasts for about four hours. It is therefore wise to choose chairs that are made for comfort yet still aesthetically pleasing. You can also provide chair pads for the extra support, and chair covers and sashes for that extra touch of elegance. Like chairs, tables aren’t just any old part of the décor and their roles can’t be ignored. With Chair Hire range at your service, your guests will be able to dine at tables covered in pristine tablecloths, admire stunning table decorations, use gleaming tableware laid out before them, and engage in friendly chit-chat over the course of the meal. You may choose tables in different shapes and sizes, but each of them must be both elegant and practical, a perfect fit for your wedding reception.

Planning the Reception Room

A wedding reception is usually fun and lively – great food, excellent music, open bar, and lots of laughter when the best man cracks a joke and when granny shows off her dance moves. With little personal touches, you can make the reception truly unforgettable for you and your guests. At Chair Hire, we work closely with you to ensure that every table and chair is suitable for each space (grand entrance, cocktail area, dining area among others) and serves its purpose fully.

The dining area receives the most attention (rightly so) because it is the main stage and you want your guests to be comfortable, enjoy their food and surroundings. No one likes to sit elbow to elbow during dinner, but no one likes too much space between guests either. We can help you to plan, make recommendations on the optimal table shapes and sizes that are ideal for your venue and match your theme.

With a little planning and that personal touch, you can make the entrance and cocktail areas classy and welcoming. So instance if you’re looking for a little glamour, we can provide a luxurious red carpet, braided red rope and polished posts to make the entrance truly glamorous.

At Chair Hire, we provide tables, chairs and accessories for all wedding settings (ballroom, marquees, even for an outdoor venue in an English country garden). If you need to rent a bar, we can deliver and set that up too.

Picking & Planning Your Tables

In Western culture, the bride and groom are traditionally seated at a long table on one side / end of the room. We have 4ft and 6ft sturdy rectangular trestle tables which have folding legs for rapid installation. We can supply you with a choice of top quality black or white table linen, adding a very smart and elegant look.

Increasingly, some more creative planners now design around having a large round table as the head table instead, particularly if you have a large bridal party or would like to include other important family members on the head table. As a round tables is highly versatile, you can place it in the middle of the room, the centre of all attention, and have your guests sit around you. This type of arrangement allows more guests to be closer to the wedding party than the more traditional layout, where inevitably, some tables are position well away from the top table. Having a centralised table arrangement can certainly make for a more intimate atmosphere, if that is something you wish to create.

Guest are usually seated at round tables, though some couples now like to mix the arrangement up a little by using both round and long rectangular tables for guests. Whatever your layout requirements, Chair Hire is here to help you choose the right tables for your event.

Picking & Planning Your Chairs

Wedding receptions with a full meal can last for about four hours, therefore your wedding chairs have to provide the right support and most importantly be comfortable, something often forgotten. The classic Chiavari chairs are highly popular; not only do they provide an elegant base for the style of the reception, but they can also be fitted with seat pads and covers, both of which aid in improving comfort. Chiavari chairs are a good choice for many types of wedding event as they look very elegant in a formal setting (ballrooms and banquet halls), and are also highly suitable for casual setting (tents and outdoors).

Fitting chairs with covers creates an elegant look and feel to a wedding reception, but often it needs a final touch. In the event that you have a main colour in your wedding theme, you can choose from our wide range of coloured organza bows designed to compliment our chair covers, to provide that final elegant accent touch.

Wedding receptions with more informal seating and eating arrangements, such as serving hors d’oeuvres or a light buffer and cocktails, provide more flexibility where seating, table choice and layout is concerned. However, these too can be given the Chair Hire treatment. By providing your guests a variety of elegant Bistro tables or Poseur tables and casual seating, your guests will be happy to move around, mingle, eat, drink and have a fabulous time.

Bistro and Poseur tables are excellent for presenting hors d’oeuvres or eating a light buffet from, such as bacon-wrapped-scallops, blinis with caviar, and international selections like Japanese Gyoza and Thai crab cakes. Each presented in its own creative way. Add to this an open bar serving beer, wine, champagne and special cocktails and your guests will be treated to an unforgettable experience.

Picking Linen and Tableware

Pristine and premium tablecloths are essential to ensure an elegant look. White linens are the best as they look clean, tidy, complement any wedding theme and make your table decoration stands out. At Chair Hire, we only offer top quality luxurious linens for our guests.

Tableware consists of glassware, crockery and cutlery. A minimum of three glasses for guest is usually preferred – a champagne flute, a standard white wine glass, and a larger bowl red wine glass. Choice of crockery depends on the type of meal served. If it is a buffet, usually 9-inch dinner plates are used. A rule of thumb is to rent 2 times more than the number of your guests. For example, if you have 100 guests, a minimum of 200 buffet plates are ideal. For a sit-down dinner, a more sophisticated arrangement where at least a side plate, a starter plate, a dinner plate, and a dessert bowl are made available for your guests.

Apart from glasses and plates, starter knife, starter folk, dinner knife, dinner folk, fish knife, fish folk, and desert spoon are all essential items – you can rent our top quality cutlery from as low as 21p per week.

What Can You Expect from Chair Hire?

At Chair Hire, we understand how important your big day is, so we offer a more personal, bespoke service for you. We are committed to high levels of service, this is why we take time to understand your needs and make the appropriate recommendations on tables, chairs and related furniture when applicable. We also do everything we can to make sure that your rental arrangements are easy and totally stress-free. Talk to a specialist today and let us:

  • Turn unassuming chairs and tables into something magical for you.
  • Grace your tables with top quality linens, glassware, crockery and cutlery.
  • Help you to add that personal touch with items like a red carpet, red rope barrier posts, and even a unit of an LED Acrylic open bar.