Educational Furniture Rental

The country’s educational establishments have a wide range of furniture needs. Schools, from nursery all the way though to secondary schools, university’s and their faculties require not only days to day educational furniture, such as regular desks and chairs, but most also host their specific events throughout the year. These may include:

  • Annual exams

  • PTA meetings

  • Governors an trustee meetings

  • Social events

  • Hiring out school / academy facilities

Each of these represent either a pressure on the school or facility to make appropriate arrangement to seat people or, an opportunity to reuse the facilities outside normal operating hours and raise much needed cash.

Either way, these events require furniture that the school or university may not wish to keep on hand year-round, as that doesn't make financial sense and would create storage issues. Not only that, regular school furniture may not be appropriate for all events and so some flexibility is required.

Educational Furniture Hire For Annual Examinations 

Most schools are well equipped and adequately provide class rooms with day to day furniture, such as class room desks and chairs. However, the exams process, such as the annual SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels, may place pressure on individual educational institutions to stage the exams in areas where they don't normal require furniture. Schools halls, gyms, etc are examples that often get turned in to make shift examination centres. 

Sometimes schools pool together and share facilities, after all not everyone is involved, such the children in specific exam year.

It makes little sense to try to use furniture already in use, as this is highly disruptive to other students.  The logical course of action is to hire educational desks and chairs specifically for the exams. 

Let’s look at some of these in more detail.

Furniture Requirements for Parents and PTA Meetings

There are a range of different ways parents and teachers meet and these are embodied in the various ‘associations’ found today. These include Parents and Teacher Associations (PTA), Parent Staff Associations (PSA) and even Home-School Association (HSA). 

Meetings may be held several times a year, depending on the particular association and of course, there will be an AGM, where all members of the association come together. 

The levels of attendance and facilities available will determine furniture hire requirements. Often, it may not be necessary to hire conference chairs, perhaps only for the AGM.

And, naturally, there the parents meetings too, where parents can come and meet teachers and discuss their children’s education.

Seating For Governors and Trustee Meetings

Schools also have a board of governors, some also have trustees. While these may meet at varying locations, sometimes they may meet at a local school or academy. Meetings are typically small and so may be accommodated within the existing facilities of the school or academy.

Furniture For School Or University Social Events

Faced with the prospect of several hundred parents, friends and relatives attending a school event, it’s most natural for a school to look to hire in furniture to accommodate the occasion.

Simple party seating and equipment is most sensible, especially as usually budget for school events is quite tight. Chair Hire a good range of furniture and accessories for such an occasion.

Seating for school concerts and plays that may take place through the year would place a premium on storage space if the schools had to maintain their own stock of chairs. Some schools are lucky enough to be able to do this, but may still need to hire in extra chairs for certain events or different types of seating to match the purpose and significance of an event.

However, for events such as graduation ceremonies, a university might want to consider something al little more refined for the occasion, such as a banquette chair. 

Furniture For Events That Hire School Facilities

Schools are typically only in use at specific times of the day, meaning that the school has an opportunity to hire out its won facilities to those who wish to take advantage of their typically, convenient locations and space.

Quite a range of groups do this:  

  • Local MP’s and politicians holding constituency workshop sessions, or ‘town halls’.

  • Local camera clubs who find space there for meetings, lecture and presentation facilities.

  • Societies from a range of advocacies and interests.

Chair Hire, Experts in Educational Furniture Hire

The types of educational establishment vary considerably, from regular schools and universities, to charitable academies, schools for specific institutions and trades, to general higher education colleges.

Each has needs that Chair Hire can accommodate, be those more formal events such as exams or operational meetings to social events.  

Talk through your needs with one of our educational furniture hire specialists today.