Office Desk Hire In London

You might not think of it, but you desk is like your second home - so why not get the best out there, one that offers great style and functionality…

Meet our desks

We’d like to introduce you to our office desks for hire! They are a great place to spend the majority of your working day, thanks to their design and practical features too. The majority of businesses will have desking of some sort. Although your company might employ people who have very different roles, they’re all likely to be carrying them out at a desk. Our folding leg straight desks are versatile and have been designed according to our high specifications.

One of the features we love the most is the folding leg design. We think this makes it a very convenient desk for any office, and ensures it’s super simple to install. Unfolding the legs takes mere seconds, meaning they’re very quick and straightforward to set up. Likewise, when you’d like to move them, or store them, then this can be done just as rapidly. This is all you need do to start using our desk hire range, there’s no fiddling with screws, powering up drills or any assembly on this scale required.

Lovely legs!

Soon as our desks are set up, they offer all the stability you require. The design of the legs ensures they’re very stable, resulting in a very reliable and top quality product. We didn’t just choose the folding mechanism when we got our desks made. We thought about the surface a lot too, and opted for 25mm top in a light oak finish.

This is one of the robust materials available and is very resilient to marks. The thick surface is sturdy and adds to the premium look of the item. We decided to go with the lighter wood finish because it’s contemporary and smart. It really suits many different professional locations, including offices, receptions and meeting areas.

Your own space

We have three sizes - 1500mm, 1600mm, and 1800mm - available so you’re able to get the one that suits your office space the most. Each have two cable ports so leads can be neatly directed to powerpoints rather than clogging up the deskspace that can otherwise be used for monitors, keyboards, phones, storage trays and any other items you use throughout the day.

You’re able to hire our desking on its own, or you might prefer to include seating from our range. Our desks and office chairs are a match made in workspace heaven, because they go together so well. You’re able to choose from a smart, comfy seating range with the majority of items being adjustable.