Hire Tables in London & the South East

Lots of occasions require tables, from meetings, conferences, elections, exhibitions to formal dinners, award presentations and more. These are all regular functions happening in London, and we’ve grown our table hire London range allowing you to get the best items for your event/premises. Events in London vary in type and size, so as well as diverse products, we have large stocks of the following items:

  • 4ft, 5ft and 6ft trestle tables so you can get sizes to match guest numbers

  • Our banqueting tables fold quickly and look really elegant with our linen

  • We stock both rectangular and square trestle tables & matching table cloths

  • For meetings you can select our 1200mm, 1800mm & D-end modular tables

  • Huge stocks of exam tables mean we can cater for very large exams

  • Modern bistro and poseur tables available for a cool and sleek ambiance

  • Our coffee tables team really well with our soft seating and are top quality

Who’s The Top Table?

The table hire product that we most commonly deliver to London is our 6ft rectangular banqueting table. This is a good reflection of the type of occasions going on in the city. This, and others in our trestle range are really versatile and are often chosen for events, such as:

  • Formal dinners 

  • Corporate parties

  • Company lunches

  • Black/white tie parties

  • Conferences

  • Career’s events

  • Exhibitions

  • Meetings

Helping To Make Your Dinners Decadent

Our trestle tables make up five entries in our top ten list, reflecting the high need for these products in London. They’re often a top choice when our customers want versatile tables for their events. We have a range of linen that is designed for use on our rectangular and round tables.

The fact our 6ft circular table is the third most popular hire in the city shows that clients are still keen to create a traditional deluxe look at their events by hiring these products and usually our chic seating too. Our Chiavari chairs look very elegant teamed with our trestle tables and white linens, while a very deluxe ambiance is achieved when our banquet seating is hired. For an informal and chic look you can also hire our trestle tables with our white folding fan back chairs.

Perfect Posing

Another popular product appearing in our top five, is our chrome poseur table, and two other products of this type also make it into our list - our white poseur table and walnut poseur table. These are another versatile rental table choice, and we often deliver them too:

  • Bar events

  • Receptions

  • Galleries

  • Exhibitions

  • Conferences

  • Networking events

These items help our customers make the most of their venues, as they can add networking, refreshment and meeting areas to premises with ease. We have a selection of stools that add to the chic and sophisticated appeal of our tables, and good matches include our walnut and white poseur tables with our black chrome or padded stools. Our aluminium stool is a great option for our chrome poseur tables, as the finishes complement each other, and both products can be used outdoors.

A Word About The Wise…

From the name it’s really clear what our exam tables are used for! But don’t let the name fool you. Although this is mostly required for assessments - we’ve installed them in a variety of locations - including council offices where they were needed for conferences.

Because our tables are easily set up, can be stacked and are light to lift, they are also suitable for events where you require tabling in large numbers for individuals, such as meetings, seminars and tutorials. The fact they’re the second most popular table hire choice for London shows that our city-based clients appreciate the features our desks offer.

Mod Meetings

Another very common event our furniture rental customers require tabling for is meetings, and our 1800mm modular tables are a top choice also. They fold easily, have a smart light oak finish and as we also have 1200mm sizes and D-ends available, you’re free to configure them into larger surfaces, and different shapes depending on your needs. As well as meetings they’re a convenient and useful option for:

  • Conferences

  • Boardroom meetings

  • Exhibitions

  • Reception Areas

  • Seminars

  • Tutorials

When your event requires super smart seating, then our leather cantilever and executive manager’s chair is a great match for our modular table rental range, while our conference chairs are affordable, smart and comfy too.