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0203 031 6496

There’s no typical chair hire customer - each one is different and no two orders are the same. To give you a better idea of the huge variety of events and clients we deliver furniture too, we’ve written about some of them here. We’ve included information about the function as well as the type of furniture chosen by our customer. We’ve also added some photography, showing all the different locations that suit our table and chair hire ranges.

03/11/2017 Post by: Charlotte O

What is TED? TED is a non profit organisation devoted to ‘spreading ideas’. It is a global community that inspires people to help others, develop themselves and together, change the world. TED is a media force which spreads ideas, mainl...

26/07/2017 Post by: Sarah H

If you are in the middle of planning a summer garden party and you need ideas and inspiration, we have a few tips that will ensure your event runs perfectly to plan and is the summer event of the year. 1. Plan A Barbecue The great British barbecue...

05/07/2017 Post by: Sarah H

If you are planning a formal occasion it can be difficult to know exactly how and where to seat guests. Do you really need to create a seating plan? Can’t you just let everybody seat themselves if you provide enough seats? Well, the answer is t...

28/06/2017 Post by: Sarah H

Plastic or resin chairs can take a bit of a beating if they're being used constantly for different events or need to be moved regularly from place to place. All that continuous stacking, folding, unfolding and moving of chairs can expose them to more...

21/06/2017 Post by: Sarah H

So, you want a summer wedding outdoors, but you don’t want to risk having your entire ceremony under an unpredictable UK sky. That’s sensible. While temperatures may be soaring across most of the country, there is always the potential of...

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