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0203 031 6496

There’s no typical chair hire customer - each one is different and no two orders are the same. To give you a better idea of the huge variety of events and clients we deliver furniture too, we’ve written about some of them here. We’ve included information about the function as well as the type of furniture chosen by our customer. We’ve also added some photography, showing all the different locations that suit our table and chair hire ranges.

29/01/2020 Post by: Luisa Tona

Educational furniture is paramount to good teaching, which is why Chair Hire has thousands of educational furniture hire items in stock. Our range consists of furniture that any educational establishment should have, such as robust and stackable seat...

27/11/2019 Post by: Luisa Tona

Christmas is an exciting time of year where people can indulge, participate in festive activities and spend more time with family and friends. Every year Christmas comes and goes before we know it, so it is a good idea to plan festive activities befo...

14/11/2019 Post by: Luisa Tona

There are a range of events that businesses can hold to increase growth and to generate new leads. No matter what industry you are in, events help to bring people together and allow businesses to convey a message to attendees. Here are some event ide...

31/10/2019 Post by: Luisa Tona

There is just one month until the Christmas festivities truly kick in which is why you should start planning your Christmas party now! There are a number of ways you can plan a Christmas party; many venues offer all-inclusive packages but you can als...

16/10/2019 Post by: Luisa Tona

We are now long into Autumn and the cold weather has hit the UK which means coats and scarves are returning. On a more exciting note, the trends for furniture are once again changing and we are here to give you the inside scoop! Keeping up with furni...

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