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Festive Furniture Hire Means You’re Christmas Ready

Post by: Lisa V
Festive Furniture Hire Means You’re Christmas Ready

10 Guests or 1000 – All the Festive Furniture You Need

It’s seems to rush round quicker and quicker every year and songs can be heard much earlier on the radio. It’s the word no-one wants to utter, like the elephant in the room, but being prepared, ahead of time, means you’ll enjoy everything that comes with…Christmas…that much more!

Our festive furniture allows you to create the most breathtaking of events and impress employees from the moment they arrive. Christmas is an event in itself but it’s also a prime opportunity to remind your team just how valued and appreciated they are. The hard work throughout the year builds and builds and we all approach the 25th December with anticipation and excitement.

Christmas and Boxing Day allows many to genuinely relax and unwind throwing the usual routine of life completely out the window. The most precious gift in the world is time and spending that with family and friends makes us happier than anything else. Covid certainly reminded us of the fragility of life and many of us are embracing any and every moment with both hands.

Take a Seat – We Have Many

Whether your event is for 1000 guests or 100, we have all the furniture you’d need to make a lasting impression. Our ghost Chiavari and Victoria chairs suit any environment and complement themes such as Winter Wonderland. Their translucent appearance reflects the light and all of their surroundings. These chairs simply blend into their space.

Our Limewash Chiavari and Cross Back chairs are always a keen favourite with their timeless and sleek appearance which guarantees to suit a range of environments. Our black and white resin chairs are ideal for more monotone events and those that require a space saving option. Simply fold them away when not in use and set them back up again in seconds. Our Esme chairs available in six different colours are extremely contemporary and bring more of a fun seating option to any occasion. Hire 1000 in one colour or mix things up by choosing a selection of different colours. The red, yellow and orange variations create more of a warm setting whilst the blue, green and purple creates more of a cooler, mysterious event.

Christmas Dinner Table – Laid & Ready

At almost every single event we can guarantee there will be at least one table. This table might house name cards, raffle prizes, silent auction items or gifts to name just a few. At most events however, there will be a huge number of tables, laid and ready for guests to enjoy a three or even seven course meal at.

Our trestle tables are definitely one of our most popular tables and often sell out. Available in a range of sizes both round and rectangular, you’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for. We hire linen alongside making the whole process as seamless as possible. A beautifully laid table should never be underestimated. It draws guests in and the intrigue of what else could be hiding amongst the wine and water glasses builds excitement and also shows that great care and attention has been put into every element of the event.

As our team, we’re confident our festive furniture selection will ensure you have every piece of furniture you require to seat any number of guests. Whether hiring furniture for a corporate event or an intimate one, we’d like to wish our clients a very Merry Christmas! Here’s to 2023!

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