Sofa Hire in London & the South East

Comfort and amazing style go hand in hand when it comes to sofa hire. We have handpicked some of the most comfortable and decadent looking sofas, so you can design seating areas that are a pleasure to relax in because the products look fantastic and are really comfy too. Events in London often come with the expectation they will be glamorous and very contemporary - and our sofas can help you achieve this easily.

In addition to sofas we also offer cube seating which is a soft seating alternative guaranteed to make an impression.

Designed To Be Seen & Sat On

When you’re looking for sofa hire in London, it’s essential to consider the overall look of products - and ours have a stylish appearance that means they fit into lots of different locations, from stylish bars, to premium hotel waiting rooms, to corporate offices and contemporary cafes. It’s crucial when planning any event or upgrading a particular space to consider not just the style of the product but how comfortable it will be for clients, guests or delegates.

Statement Sofa

If you’re looking for sofa hire which will really make an impact, our Montague range is the perfect choice for you. They are extremely sleek and the ‘button design’ on the seat itself and the seat back keep this particular product from ever looking outdated. They look impressive in all environments and are available in both black and cream as 1 or 2 seat options.

Soft Seating with Cubes

Our cube seating is very popular for a range of events - there is no particular occasion where they are best suited. They offer a different kind of seat and can help colour coordinate any environment. The colours on offer may reflect your company theme or logo or those of your client if you are hiring furniture on someone else’s behalf. They can be placed anywhere within an event space and can be moved with ease.

Sofas For Reception Areas

Rigid and upright seating can not only be uncomfortable and uninviting, but it can get first impressions off to a bad start. By providing your guests and visitors with soft, comfortable and versatile furniture, you can ensure they are at ease and feel welcomed into your business or organisation.

A light, comfortable and attractive reception area is an important consideration for any establishment looking to impress, and with our extensive range of sofas, you can create contemporary or traditional reception areas that do just that.

Sofas For Refreshment And Break Areas

Give your employees or conference delegates somewhere to truly relax and unwind. Our sofas for hire are perfect for creating break and refreshment areas that are compact, inviting and comfortable. Team 3 or 4 sofas together along with a coffee table and some of your best ideas come directly from some blue sky thinking and a good sofa!

No Numb Bum in your Waiting Rooms

Nobody really likes waiting, but being uncomfortable whilst waiting is even worse! A good quality seating area will ensure patients; visitors or guests are able to wait for an appointment or meeting in comfort. When comfort levels are high, frustration levels can also be reduced - perfect for those busy days when wait times can be higher than normal.

We offer a great selection of sofas, tables and chairs that allow you to create a comfortable and pleasant waiting room or area with the least amount of fuss. Simply order your furniture from our website or speak to our team and we will have your furniture with you as quickly as possible. If you are in London we can even arrange same day delivery.

Sofa Hire - The Affordable & Convenient Solution

Buying a sofa outright can really eat into your capital expenditure. By hiring your furniture you can choose the sofas and other furniture you need and pay weekly. What’s more, furniture hire is a business expense so there are tax breaks to benefit from too!

Why not make this year, the year you ring out the old and ring in the new with comfortable, stylish and affordable soft seating? Our Sales team would be delighted to speak to you so call now on 0203 031 6496 or order online in minutes at your own convenience. You choose the sofas or products you need for as long as you need them. It really is that simple!