Table dress code?

Finding the perfect rental table for your event or location depends on a few different factors. It’s a good idea to think about your occasion and what ambience you want to create. So, when you want an ultra elegant and traditional look our trestle tables are perfect, especially when they’re combined with fresh, top quality linen and banqueting chairs.

Bistros and more...

When your event calls for very modern and super stylish furniture then our bistro tables are a popular option. The main reason this range is chosen again and again for contemporary locations like bars, clubs, galleries, exhibitions, VIP areas, restaurants and hotels is because of the product’s stylish looks.

We offer, black square bistro tables, and white round ones too. These bold finishes really stand out and bring a modern vibe to your venues. The chrome base and thick table surfaces add to this look even more.

Choose your style

Thanks to the bright white, or bold black finishes, these products are also regularly delivered to corporate premises, where they make a stylish option for cafes, break areas and meeting areas. They make a great base from which you can build a very classy and traditional looking black look, or a lighter and chic one if you prefer.

We’re always expanding on our table hire stocks to get you the latest looks. But we also want to bring you top quality goods too. Our bistro tables are solid, stable and very reliable. The hardy finish can be wiped clean with ease - perfect for dining.

Bespoke ambiance?

Another great benefit to choosing this range, is that you can also order matching seating from us too. Our Keeler chairs also come in a black or white finish, meaning you can choose seating that blends with our bistro range or contrasts with it for those occasions where you’d like to make a statement with your rental choices!

As well as seating, you’re also free to match this range with other tables we have in stock. A great choice when you want diverse tabling for your venue is to team our bistro and poseur tables. By also adding the Keeler chairs, cubes and classy black leather stools your venue gets an instant style makeover.