Are You Festival Ready?

Muddy boots, torrential rain, cars sinking and sliding up sludgy pathways followed by ice cold bouts of wind wiping through the gaps of your tent or the sides of the old campervan, doesn't sound like much fun does it, yet hundreds of people brave these less advantageous weather conditions every year, to enjoy the delights of a music concert or weekend festival.

Perhaps the most famous festival being 'Glastonbury', that eclectic music event that fills the calendar of many a festival enthusiast, of which there are many, something that is evidenced by the fact that tickets generally sell out in minutes. Of course it is not only the general public who venture to this part of the country to enjoy a weekend of live music and entertainment. It is not unusual to spot a celebrity wading through the mud in their flowery wellingtons or posing for the press with a group of friends. Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous is therefore not merely reserved for those who can get close to the stage, but a strong possibility should you happen to have set up your tent close to a wandering ‘celebrity’.

Furniture Rental for Festivals

All these types of events involve an enormous amount of preparation, probably the most important of which includes the type of furniture required to ensure the event runs smoothly. Fortunately at we have a fantastic range of festival furniture hire that is perfect for such events up and down the country. The items we have chosen to include within our specialist category have been carefully selected because, firstly they can be used outdoors and furthermore they are sturdy, robust and can be moved easily from one location to another.

Need a Quick Set Up?

Our trestle tables are not only sturdy, robust and versatile but they can be set up and taken down in seconds by their folding leg design. The legs lock easily and securely for added stability and we have thousands in stock, so rest assured knowing we can cater to all event sizes.

Our bench sets are often an extremely popular choice for festivals and outdoor events alike. Clients choose to order our folding tables and matching benches as they offer an authentic look, matching their al fresco surroundings. The products are comfortable to sit at and on allowing you to indulge in food, consume beverages or enjoy live music and entertainment.

All types of table within our festival furniture range can be moved quickly and easily from one location to another, meaning you choose the best layout according to the space available.

Deck Chairs, Folding Chairs or Bean Bags? What's Your Choice?

Choosing your outdoor seating is an important choice and shapes the kind of event you are hoping to plan and execute. Our folding fan back and resin chairs are popular choices for more formal occasions such as weddings, but are ideal when looking to seat thousands of guests and visitors.

Our bean bag selection creates a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, encouraging your guests to loosen up, chill out and enjoy the festival or event from the moment they arrive. They offer a totally different feel to any function and add a splash of colour guaranteed to be remembered for all the right reasons.