Bring on the buzz

Successful London receptions, networking events and parties all depend on having a fantastic atmosphere, where your guests can communicate comfortable and with ease. The best designed venues are those that allow your visitors to create a ‘buzz’, which can lead to unforgettable functions that can bring customers back to your premises again and again.

Get the vibe

Designing your location to suit the needs of your event will get you the vibe you want, and this is where our poseur table hire in London range enters the picture! We have lots of experience of delivering and installing furniture into all kinds of venues, from outdoor parties at historic museums, to indoor conferences where thousands attended, to conventions where networking was all-important. These situations are real-life examples that we’ve plucked from our files, and the one thing they all have in common, is that they all required our poseur table hire in London services.

Versatile style

This goes to show how versatile our products are, in that they fit into lots of environments, that require stylish tables. They can help to create any vibe you like, ensuring that your event is both memorable and successful. For example, you can make each table an intimate meeting spot, by making sure they are distanced far enough away from each other so guests are free to talk privately. They are the perfect platform for platters of delicious snacks for those vibrant networking occasions, and they also make a great surface for promotional materials, handbooks and other documents for guests to conferences.

Wonderful walnut or contemporary chrome?

As you can see, our poseur table hire is really versatile, and what’s more, we stock two different kinds of products - so you have a table for every event! Our walnut product line is very classy and stylish, great for when you want to add some extra decadence to your London occasion. The thick wood surface is robust and makes an exceptionally sophisticated surface for refreshments, documents and platters of food. For a really contemporary vibe, then our chrome poseur table has a very modern appearance thanks to its chrome finish. It ups the glam factor at any occasion, from elegant receptions, to outdoor parties, bar eating areas and events, such as conferences, exhibitions and conventions.

Don’t forget your stylish seating!

Adding seating from our stool range, allows you to provide both elegant seats and very chic tables, creating a fantastic vibe and backdrop to all your London events.