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£2.99 £3.59 / 1-7 days
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  • Hire chair stacks ten high offering the best in space saving
  • Steel frame makes black stacking poly chair ideal for heavy use
  • Contoured seat for comfort during extended events
  • Polyprop material is lightweight and easy to install
  • Our most economical chair hire seat with online offers available
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Carbon Footprint

  • Manufacturing this product on average creates 8.829 kgCO2e (kg of carbon dioxide equivalent). Fulfilling your requirements by hiring instead of purchasing, you are looking at a much smaller carbon footprint: 0.009 kgCO2e . Thank you for being part of the solution to saving our planet.

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Black stacking poly chair: Cost effective and versatile

Our most basic hire chairs are also some of our most versatile and affordable. We offer special rates on our black stacking poly chair and because of their many uses and cost effective prices, our customers order them in their thousands via our online chair hire system.

Top benefits

As specialists in hiring chairs we understand the importance of making locations look great with seating that complements the occasion. From experience we’re also aware that space for hire chairs can sometimes be in short supply when your event has finished.

Easy stacking and storage

Our black stacking poly chairs can be stacked ten high, making them ideal when you opt for a long-term chair hire deal. When you order them on a long-term basis the black stacking poly chairs can be stored more easily on your site, although we can collect and return them to our warehouses if you prefer to use them for the short term only.

Steel base for stability

If you hire chairs long-term for exams, large conferences, or lectures for example, then they may come under heavy use time and time again. Our black stacking poly chair has a steel tubular base making it a very robust and a hardwearing choice.

The frame adds to the versatility of the hire chair, because you don’t have to worry that delicate materials, or upholstery may degrade if its used a lot. The black stacking poly chair has been consistently impressing users across the world since it was first created many years ago and is a favourite chair hire product to this day with our customers.

Contoured for comfort

Our black stacking poly chair might be one of our most affordable hire chairs, but it’s comfortable too. It has a contoured design that supports the back and can help delegates maintain their posture throughout long events, preventing them from fidgeting and potentially losing their concentration. Ventilation holes in the hire chair’s back ensures air can circulate better so those sitting down for a long time can feel comfortable.

Order hire chairs online

Our chair hire UK customers can arrange all their seating needs via our online ordering system. In four easy steps you can select and pay for your black stacking poly chairs on our site. We also arrange next day delivery of your hire chairs to anywhere in the UK wherever you’re located. Installation of your chairs is also possible via our company so you do not have to deal with this expense separately.

If you decide to hire our black stacking poly chairs on a long-term basis, perhaps with a chair trolley, you’ll find they are easy to relocate due to their lightweight frame. The hire chair’s robust material is not only strong but is also easy-to-clean, so if you choose to keep them on-site they are simple to maintain.

Benefit from our deals

Our black stacking poly chair  - like all our other models - benefit from online offers with rates dropping the more you hire and the longer the rental period. Because this model is extremely affordable in the first place, then you can benefit from great deals on this hire chair.

Ideal for:

A versatile cost-effective model, our black stacking poly chair is fantastic for events where you need lots of seating and affordability too. Conference rooms, lecture halls and schools are some of the typical locations where this hire chair is used a lot. It’s ideal for events where lots of people are attending and sitting for relatively long times. Our black stacking poly chair is also useful when you’re short on space and need to stack hire chairs out of the way until your next occasion kicks off.

Weight 3.00 kg
Height 730 mm
Width 500 mm
Depth 500 mm
Seat Depth 420 mm
Seat Height 390 mm

I'm organising a meeting for 100 employees - is this chair the best option for me?

Yes and No. Our stacking polyprop chairs are ideal for large or small meetings and conferences. We would also recommend our black and blue conference chairs as these have a padded seat and back rest. If your employees are sitting for long periods of time - the padded conference chairs offer slightly more comfort than our polyprop chairs. Both are smart, professional and extremely competitively priced.

My event lasts one day - can my hire chair order reflect this?

Definitely. We offer ultimate flexibility when it comes to your order. You can choose your hire period so it matches your event, from just a few days to years, with the longer rental option leading to additional fantastic discounts.

I need to place a very large order for these hire chairs - do you have enough available?

Yes. We have large depots located in the north and south of the country - including London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow - that feature large stocks of our black stacking poly chairs just waiting for you to place your order!

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