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£2.99 £3.59 / 1-7 days
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  • Very affordable hire chair often ordered in large quantities
  • Durable and robust polypropylene seat
  • Contoured backrest for greater comfort
  • Breathable ventilation hole allows air to circulate during long events
  • Hire chair can be stacked ten high for compact storage
  • Lightweight structure means they can be moved easily
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Looking for affordability? Try our blue stacking poly chair

We offer a great range of products so you can choose the perfect hire chair that suits your budget and events the best. Our blue stacking poly chair is one of the most cost effective products we stock and is really durable too. This makes it a very popular product for our customers that are looking to place both big and small orders for affordable chair hire.

Top benefits

The blue stacking poly chair features a simple design with similar models being reproduced across the world. Hire chairs of this type are found in many different companies and part of the reason for its success is that it is a really affordable product. When you hire this model via our online chair hire website you are choosing a very cost effective option.

Cheap rates

Our chair hire rates for the blue stacking poly chair can benefit your budget even more thanks to our online offers for large orders. So when you’re holding an event that requires thousands of hire chairs you can benefit from paying even less per chair for the duration of the rental period. The affordability of the seat also means that if you’re looking for long-term chair hire you have a cost-effective option.

Quality and value for money

Another plus point that makes our blue stacking poly chair so popular is that it’s very robust, as well as affordable. The blue polyprop seat is connected to a strong steel frame that means this hire chair can take a lot of heavy and constant use. Ordering such a reliable chair hire product from our website means that you can be confident that it won’t become easily damaged during busy events that put it under constant use. The blue stacking poly chair’s seat is durable enough for outdoor conferences and can simply be wiped if it needs cleaned.

Durable and comfortable

Uncomfortable delegates or schoolchildren can find their concentration drifting during exams or lessons, which is one of the reasons we stock a blue stacking poly chair that has a ventilation hole in the seatback.This allows air to move around while the person is sitting for long lengths of time and helps to boost the hire chair’s comfort. Our blue stacking polychairs also feature shaped plastic backs that can support posture and may aid concentration and productivity.

For easy space saving

Events can take up lots of room and if you opt for long-term chair hire you might be wondering where you will stack all the extra chairs when the occasion is over. Our blue stacking poly chair is ideal if you want space saving hire chairs. They’re manufactured to be stacked ten-high and their lightweight frame means they can be easily transported from room to room via chair trolleys, keeping your valuable free spaces clear.

Versatile hire chairs

This also makes the hire chairs very versatile and allows you to use them for lots of different functions, so they could provide seating for musical concerts one day and exams the next, for example. The neutral colour of our blue stacking poly chair means it fits into many different environments, from corporate to educational and beyond.

Ideal for:

When affordable chair hire is key, our blue stacking poly chairs are ideal, especially if you want to place a large order. For both short term and long-term chair hire periods this is a cost effective option. This hire chair has space saving benefits thanks to its stackability and is durable, so you can get lots of constant use out of it. Because of all these factors we find that our blue stacking poly chair is popular with schools holding exams, and companies arranging large meetings, conferences and lectures.

Weight 3.00 kg
Height 730 mm
Width 500 mm
Depth 500 mm
Seat Depth 420 mm
Seat Height 390 mm

How heavy are these chairs?

3kg. Our stacking polyprop chairs are some of the lightest chair hire options we offer. Weighing only 3kg's they can be easily moved if your need your event or function re-arranged at any time. They can also be stacked up to 10 high when not in use meaning minimal amount of space being taken/used.

Are these hire chairs good for long events?

Blue stacking poly chairs have some good comfort features, like the curved seat and ventilation hole to keep those seated cool. For even more comfort our conference chairs have upholstered seats if you prefer.

I’m organising exams for lots of students - should I order blue stacking poly chairs?

These hire chairs are suited for big events as they can be stacked ten high, making it easy to transport and install around large venues. This and the competitive rates available make them a popular option for schools, colleges and universities arranging assessments.

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