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£9.88 £11.86 / 1-7 days
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  • Handy writing tablet gives hire chair a stable surface for note-taking
  • Money saving because you don’t need to hire desks too
  • Conference chair stacks five high to make the most of storage space
  • Lumbar support and upholstered seat and back equals comfort
  • Traditional black and chrome design means this hire chair suits lots of events
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Carbon Footprint

  • Manufacturing this product on average creates 19.964 kgCO2e (kg of carbon dioxide equivalent). Fulfilling your requirements by hiring instead of purchasing, you are looking at a much smaller carbon footprint: 0.02 kgCO2e . Thank you for being part of the solution to saving our planet.

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Conference chair with writing tablet: Easy note-taking and storage

When you need a captive audience, our conference chairs with writing tablet are an excellent choice. Thanks to the hire chair’s upholstered seat and black plastic tablet, delegates to training sessions, conferences and lectures can keep their focus on your event and also have somewhere to rest papers, refreshments and handouts.

Top benefits

When you’re taking a lecture or speaking to the audience at a conference, delegates can be distracted by rustling paper, hot laptops resting on their legs, or by searches for pens and other items. All these reasons make our conference chairs with writing tablet a great addition to your event.

Note-taking with ease

The hire chair’s black plastic writing tablet gives guests to your occasion somewhere to put papers or notes that you’ve handed out, making them easy to find and reducing the chances of handouts rustling as delegates search for the literature they need. Our chair hire UK customers ordering our conference chairs with writing tablet are getting a product specially designed for note-taking, whether by hand or laptop, as the writing tablet gives a sturdy surface to rest on.

Desk free conferences

One of the benefits we like the most about our conferencehire chair is that the plastic tablet can be easily moved to the side. This sounds like a simple feature, but it gives great money-saving potential to this hire chair. The reason why this is an affordable chair hire option, is because the plastic writing tablet means that you don’t have the added cost of also hiring desks too. When delegates want to take notes they simply pull up the hire chair’s writing tablet and its ready to use.

Make the most of your space

Another great advantage to ordering the conference chair with writing tablet via our online chair hire website, is that it not only saves you money, but is fantastic for saving you space as well. As there are no desks needed, you can open up your conference or exhibition to more people as there’ll be room for more online hire chairs. Our rates at vary depending on how long you need to hire chairs for, rental periods are chosen by you can can vary from one day to years if this is what you prefer.

Long term hire for affordability

When you opt for a long-term chair hire we try and make this as affordable as possible for you, by offering special rates the longer you want the chairs for. Our online chair hire website has been designed so you can complete your entire order via our system. Visit our site to choose your conference chairs with writing tablets, the quantity you’d like and your delivery location. Payment is processed on the site instantly and we offer next day delivery throughout the UK.

Comfortable support

Enjoying events is partly about the actual occasion itself and how much guests liked the activities you planned. The style of the hire chair you choose is another very important factor, as discomfort can affect concentration and leads to delegates who are keen to take a break rather than stay focused on your event.

Our UK chair hire customers ordering the conference chair with writing tablet get a chair that is really comfortable to sit on, because it has an upholstered seat and back. The hire chair’s curved base and lumbar support are extra features that assist your delegates in keeping their postures’ upright, limiting muscle aches.

Ideal for:

When you’re booking hire chairs for large events where you want to make the most of the space available our conference chairs with writing tablet are a fantastic choice. This hire chair is ideal for universities, colleges, conferences, lectures and training sessions where delegates need to take notes or rest laptops thanks to the plastic writing tablet.

The surface can be smoothly moved to the side of the hire chair so desks are not needed, preserving your budget. Theconference chairs with writing tablet can be easily stacked and the design also looks great in corporate environments or those places where you want to maintain a professional image.

Weight 7.00 kg
Height 830 mm
Width 800 mm
Depth 670 mm
Seat Depth 420 mm
Seat Height 470 mm

What are the typical uses of a conference chair with writing tablet?

Examinations. Training sessions. Meetings. Conferences. With large volumes of stock can cater for large events where lots of people need to be seated. They are often hired out for training sessions and conferences allowing guests, clients and employees to easily take notes or use a small tablet with ease. Our conference chair with writing tablet offers the utmost in comfort and when not in use - they can be stacked neatly away up to 5 high.

What's the advantage to hiring this chair as opposed to desks and chairs?

There are lots of great benefits to choosing this hire chair instead of both chairs and desks. Firstly you can save money, as you're only opting for one product. Secondly, our conference chair with writing tablet doesn't take up as much room as a desk and chair – so you have more room to utilise in your venue.

I'd like to order thousands of these hire chairs – could you help with installation?

Yes – part of our service regularly includes providing a helping hand to our customers to set up hire chairs, especially those that order thousands and thousands of items at a time. Let us know in advance and we can supply the necessary manpower to get venues set up.

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