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  • Robust linking loops attach firmly to hire chairs
  • Can be used on a variety of our products
  • Keep hire chairs in place for tidy venues
  • Ensures delegates get the most from your event
  • Can be an essential health and safety choice
  • Get them quickly via our next day deliveries
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Linking Loops: For Neat Seating And More

When placing a large order for your hire chairs, you might already be thinking about setting them up and making rooms look good - which is when you can benefit from our very useful linking loops.

Looking for neat venues?

We’re experienced in transporting large numbers of hire chairs across the country, and we also know it can take hard work and stamina to get them all set up and looking neat. If you’d like a helping hand to set up your hire chairs, just let us know and we can assist you with this.

Through our service you can also select products that will keep all your hire chairs in place after they’ve been installed, so venues stay looking neat and professional! Here’s a brief rundown of why hiring linking loops could really help your event go smoothly.

Your essential chair hire accessory

Knowing the importance of hire chairs to companies, schools, events and all kinds of organisations across the UK we offer a specialised service that promises to get you all the hire chairs you need, when you require them and at your exact UK location. But we also offer some accessories that make sure your event looks great and goes smoothly, such as our chair covers that can be used with our banqueting chairs. Another of these hire chair accessories, are our linking loops. They are so useful that once you’ve used them a single time, then you’ll wonder how your event went so well without them!

A top quality product to rely on

First off, our linking loops are made from very durable plastic, they’ll do exactly what they’re required to do, time and time again without letting you down. They’re very simple to use and easily slot on to the legs of several hire chair products we stock, including our stacking poly chairs, folding chairs and conference chairs. This versatility it a great feature of our linking loops because it means they can be used for lots of different occasions. So whether you’ve hire large numbers of our upholstered conference chairs for a corporate function, or have opted for our folding chairs for entertainment shows, or our stacking poly chairs for spectators at large sporting events, you can rely on our linking loops to get chairs connected to each other.

Linking loops for neat rows and much more

When you have more than a few people sitting together on hire chairs, they can move out of line very quickly, when people shift in their seats or move them to make their way to break areas for example. Although hire chairs can easily be put back in place when you’ve ordered just a few, this gets much more difficult when venues feature thousands and thousands of seats.

To ensure your event location stays looking neat and professional, then our linking loops are the ideal product. They can attach to the front, middle and rear part of the legs on our stacking poly and conference chairs, or the front/rear legs of our folding chair.

Consider health and safety

For some venues, making sure each hire chair is attached to another one is about more than looks - it’s a health and safety issue. In the unlikely event that locations may need evacuating quickly, then hire chairs may be officially required to have linking loops to provide clear routes for evacuation. We have thousands and thousands of linking loops in stock so you can order as many as you need, whether this is simply so venues look great, or you’re conforming to health and safety guidelines.

Order them with you hire chairs for next day delivery

To receive you linking loops with your hire chairs just select them when you place your order for seating. Don’t worry if you’ve just remembered that you need them and we’ve already process your chair hire order, just place your linking loops order via our Quick Click & Order service and we can transport them to any UK address the following day, via our next day delivery service.

Weight 0.05 kg
Width 140 mm
Depth 30 mm

Do I have to order linking loops with my hire chairs?

Not at all, but from past experience we’ve found they’re a fantastic way to keep large numbers of hire chairs in neat rows and they can also be a health and safety requirement.

Can I attach linking loops to all your products?

You can use linking loops on all our hire chairs that are commonly used for large occasions, like shows, conferences and and conventions, including our conference chairs, folding chairs and stacking poly chairs.

I don’t have time to attach all the linking loops - can you help?

Yes we can! Our transport team are also very experienced at installing hire chairs including attaching linking loops - just let us know beforehand if you need assistance and we can arrange this for you.

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