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Renewable Energy - Why It Could Start Within You!

Post by: Linsey S
Renewable Energy - Why It Could Start Within You!

At a recent event we got an insight into the versatile world of cabling and how essential it is to so many different industries.

Walnut works...

Held in an historic venue in London the Open Day invited those working in a variety of fields - such as renewable energy, rail & oil and gas sectors - to attend seminars and talks on a selection of subjects, such as telecommunications, energy and more. We supplied a range of premium furniture from our table hire range for the occasion, including walnut bistro and coffee tablesoak poseur tables, as well as our black cube seating, which we think fit the venue very well.

Unreal renewables?

Our client works in the cabling sector across many of these fields, including renewables. This is an important area of business for many large companies who are turning to green manufacturing as a way to protect the climate and possibly save money. Following our visit, we were interested to find out the many unusual and novel ways that governments and organisations are creating energy, and here are some of our favourites…

1. Warm Up

There are many green sources of energy, but how about ourselves? Reports this year highlighted how commuters in Sweden may soon be contributing to the heating of various buildings. A company is working on plans to capture heat given off from travellers at Stockholm’s Central Station. This harnessed energy is expected to warm water that is then distributed throughout the building to keep it warm.

2. Wind - of a different source…

Most of us have probably seen some kind of wind farm dotted throughout the countryside. Before today’s more modern structures we were using wind for centuries to produce grain and eventually bread and other foodstuffs. But experts are currently looking at another form of wind - and this one comes from a bit further away than our own planet! As the name suggested this type originates from the sun, the big problem at the moment is finding a way to capture it and bring it down to earth. Researchers suggest that with the correct cabling and satellites this may one day be a reality!

3. Throw some shapes

We all know how fun and tiring a night out on the tiles is, but now the energy created from dancing could do more than burn off a few calories. A nightclub in Holland hit the headlines when it managed to turn the dance steps of partygoers into a spark of light. Similar technology is now being considered within military footwear so soldiers could generate their own power for some tasks, such as charging radios.

4. Going underground?

This potential energy source is not too far from home, and may one day benefit the capital’s commuters. It sounds inspired by the Swedish vision to heat buildings with body heat, but this final idea concerns our very own London Underground and nearby residential housing. Mayor Boris Johnson has reportedly been looking into plans to trap humidity created on the tube to provide heating for properties in Islington… I wonder if we’d see a reduction in travel charges for our help in powering this green scheme!? Energy Seminar Energy Seminar Energy Seminar Energy Seminar Energy Seminar Energy Seminar Energy Seminar Energy Seminar
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