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£1.99 £2.39 / 1-7 days
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  • * * Available NOW * *
  • Robust folding chair
  • Black finish for smart events
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Protective rubber feet
  • Linking loops available
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Carbon Footprint

  • Manufacturing this product on average creates 5.676 kgCO2e (kg of carbon dioxide equivalent). Fulfilling your requirements by hiring instead of purchasing, you are looking at a much smaller carbon footprint: 0.006 kgCO2e . Thank you for being part of the solution to saving our planet.

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Have you discovered folding chairs yet?

Folding chairs are very convenient and now we’ve widened this range even more with the addition of our black folding chairs!

Go big - affordably!

There are so many benefits to ordering chairs that fold, they are fantastic for large events - because of both price and the practicalities. Our range in white is actually one of our most popular products for these reasons and quite a few others too!


So what can folding chairs bring to your event? Well our chairs in particular help to save you time. When they’re folded down they’re loaded in big batches on to our pallets and transported to your venue very easily and affordably because of this. As well as being economical in terms of transportation, our white and black folding chairs attract really low rates, making even those huge events cost effective. We’ve often hired out thousands and thousands at a time to London events and lots of others across the UK.

So many savings...

Money is just one of the savings you get when you choose our black folding chairs - you also save time as well. This is because set-ups are very rapid, as each seat unfolds in just a few seconds you can set up lots at a time. Because of the fact they’re loaded on pallets they’re also easier to unload in larger batches.


Chairs that fold and are economical are a great choice for those occasions where time and money is of the essence - but let’s not forget style too! This rental range offers elegance thanks to the delicate cut out fan design on the seat back, making this seating convenient but great to look at too. The black finish really complements those smart locations, making this a perfect choice for corporate events - such as meetings, conferences and exhibitions - or functions where a professional look is required.

Blend in - or be bold

It can blend into dark backgrounds if required, or you might prefer to make it standout using bold contrasts, such as combining it with our trestle tables and black tablecloths. These are just some of the combinations you’re free to choose, but it’s entirely up to you which products you choose with this range.


Another top reason for hiring from our folding chair hire range is for outdoor seating. This product is perfectly made for use in gardens, sports spectator zones, marquees, lawns and other outside locations - there’s no need to worry about the British weather as they are rain resistant!

Weight 2.00 kg
Height 850 mm
Width 450 mm
Depth 550 mm
Seat Depth 400 mm
Seat Height 450 mm

Do you stock matching tables?

We do. We have black bistro tables, and for a matching look you can also rent trestle tables and black tablecloths too.

I want an entirely black theme - what else do you have available?

Lots! We have stylish black tub chairs, corbusier sofas and cube seating, chairs that look fantastic and are super comfy too.

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