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Keeping Plastic Chairs Looking Their Best

Post by: Linsey S
Keeping Plastic Chairs Looking Their Best

Plastic or resin chairs can take a bit of a beating if they're being used constantly for different events or need to be moved regularly from place to place. All that continuous stacking, folding, unfolding and moving of chairs can expose them to more and more wear and tear, including exposure to the elements if they're being used outside. Spillages from food and drink can also leave chairs looking a little dull, not to mention sticky or dirty.

Protecting and maintaining the shine of plastic and resin chairs is important to retain a professional look. Here are some tips on how to keep plastic chairs looking their very best for longer:

Regular Checks And Maintenance

Fortunately, plastic and resin chairs are some of the easiest to look after. If the chairs are used outside, it's important to ensure they are packed away or stacked when they are dry - this may require a quick wipe with a dry cloth. Chairs should also be regularly checked for food or drinks spills and then set aside for a more thorough clean.

The Cleaning Process

One of the best things about resin chairs is that they are waterproof. They are also very easy to clean in most cases. Using a solution of mild soap and water, each chair can be cleaned with a soft cloth, paying particular attention to any dirt that has built up or any food or beverage stains or spillages. Avoid using wire brushes or harsh cloths as these could cause scratches and surface damage to the chairs. Once clean, each chair should be wiped with a dry soft cloth before storing away.

Covering Chairs

If chairs are to be stored outside for long periods of time, it's a good idea to keep them covered, especially if the weather is likely to be inclement. A tarpaulin sheet will be more than sufficient and as long as it keeps the rain, leaves and other debris off, chairs should be ready to use the next time they are needed.

Consider Chair Covers

Another way to keep chairs looking their best while also adding a decorative touch is with the use of chair covers. Chair covers are becoming more and more popular as they come in a range of colours and also feature bows and sashes that can be easily tied in with any event theme. Easy to pop on and off, chair covers are perfect for protection and also changing the look of a chair, as required.

Hire Chairs Instead - It’s Maintenance-Free And Convenient!

Of course, chair maintenance and cleaning can take time. You may also need to factor in the purchase of replacement chairs on a regular basis. Why not arrange chair hire instead? At Chair Hire we offer a wide range of plastic and resin chairs that will arrived in pristine condition and which will be collected after your event. This means you can leave the cleaning and maintenance to us! Take a look at our range today, or speak to our team to discuss your chair hire needs.

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