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Finding The Best Chairs To Match Your Tables

Post by: Luisa Tona
Finding The Best Chairs To Match Your Tables

When you are looking to hire tables and chairs for an event it can be a tricky task to choose items that look good together. Unless you are hiring a set, you will have to find tables and chairs that somewhat match in order to impress your event guests. Here at Chair Hire, we stock a large range of tables and chairs in different styles and colours. It should be a good thing to have lots of choice, so don’t let hiring furniture turn into a stressful experience. We are here to give you our top tips on perfectly matching the tables and chairs for your event.

Height of Furniture

The first thing you must consider is the height of the tables and chairs you are hiring; you do not want guests to end up having to lean down towards a shorter table or stand up to reach the tabletop. If you are hiring Poseur Tables make sure you match them with Bar Stools and for Cube Seats, our Coffee Tables make the best match.

Similar Materials

One of the most common ways to match tables and chairs is through matching the upholstery of the furniture you would like to hire. Our Black Bistro Tables, for example, look great with our Folding or Siena chairs whereas our Wooden Banquet Tables dressed with tablecloths are perfectly matched with our wooden chairs, such as the Chiavari or Cross Back chair.

Identical Elements

Identical furniture will always make a good combination; our Tolix Style Poseur Tables are perfectly matched with our Grey Tolix Style Bar Stools. This is because both the chairs and tables have wooden tops with coated steel frames. Likewise, our Chrome Bistro Tables are perfectly combined with our Chrome Bistro Chairs.

Similar Furniture Period

It is best to group tables and chairs from the same period of time together, for example, a vintage table with vintage chairs. Our Glass Poseur Tables are a modern piece which means they look good paired with our contemporary Plastic Stacking Stools. On the other hand, our Chrome Bar Stools are more dated, yet stylish stools which look great with our Chrome Poseur Tables.

We also offer package deals to save you time and money when hiring tables and chairs. Our table and chair packages include aluminium stools with a matching poseur table, meeting tables paired with conference chairs, as well as our trestle tables paired with covered banquet chairs. Browse our furniture for hire online today and get an instant quote.

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