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TEDx Whitehall Women - HMS President 3rd November 2017

Post by: Linsey S
TEDx Whitehall Women - HMS President 3rd November 2017

What is TED?

TED is a non profit organisation devoted to ‘spreading ideas’. It is a global community that inspires people to help others, develop themselves and together, change the world.

TED is a media force which spreads ideas, mainly with short and powerful videos, targeting different life subjects. Many of these videos have gone viral and over the last few years TED has become a name we all know and are inspired by. These videos help you to gain a different perspective on life, give you guidance on how to achieve your goals, make the most out of life, realise opportunities and most importantly, be happy in yourself.

ChairHire Get Involved!

Today, Friday 3rd November at the HMS President, an event was held for TEDx Whitehall Women in which we were lucky enough to attend and listen to talks throughout the day, while also network with other open minded individuals.

Nobody would be able to sit and listen to these incredible talks without chairs to sit on! Thankfully, we were on hand to help and happy to supply our blue conference chairs for this event. The chairs were transported early this morning and set out by our team, ready for guests to arrive at 10am. Our blue conference chairs are padded on the base and back to ensure guests are comfortable for the duration of today's talks.

We could not think of a more inspiring setting than the HMS President with incredible views of London’s landmarks on the balcony of the building which we used to mingle and network. We have been inspired by so many of the speakers today, and met some great contacts in which we are sure we will become friends and work with in the future.

Building Bridges

The main topic today was ‘bridges’ - building them, making connections and creating links. The inspiring message encourages listeners to speak to each other, opening up opportunities. In a busy city like London where people are often stuck to their phones or even avoid eye contact with others, this was certainly a message that hit home for many!

At we found this topic very easy to relate to. Our brand was created on the basis of having personal relationships with our customers. The talks were inspiring, and re-affirmed our understanding of how important it is to communicate with colleagues, clients, friends and even strangers.

Our sales agents are always in and around London. We pride ourselves on always talking to people from different walks of life as we never know who we might meet, or what we might learn. We met some of our biggest customers through conversations in coffee shops, pubs and bars, even a butchers shop once! It's from these links and our personal approach that our reputation has developed.

We love to work with open-minded companies too, so whether you need furniture hire for your event, or just want to TALK, Get in touch with one of our team on 0203 031 6496.

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