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How Does Furniture Hire Help Your Event Planning?

Post by: Linsey S
How Does Furniture Hire Help Your Event Planning?

A recent study suggests that a third of event planners want to cut spending on functions, yet over a fifth expect costs to rise… this is where furniture hire is really useful.

Recognisable Results...

Organisation Forrester Research carried out the poll, which was published by Business 2 Community, and we think it really highlighted the fact companies want to save money yet they don’t expect to when it comes to corporate events, such as trade shows, product launches and conferences. Publication Business 2 Community draws attention to the fact that inadequate planning for these types of occasions may result in functions that don’t really yield the results organisations would like.

Top 3 Event Planning Tips

So what can you do to really get the most out of events, and how could something as simple as renting your furniture help? Here are some tips to make sure your next corporate occasion is a success!

1. What Do You Want To Get Out Of It?

Business occasions are like any other, there’s a goal, and it’s important that it’s reached! Sometimes it might not be exactly clear why businesses attend events, and thinking about the specific marketing and brand objectives could help clarify this. For example, you might want to ask the basic question why you’re attending the function, is it to launch a new product, are you trying to boost awareness of your service, or perhaps you’re seeking information and insight about your market. Sitting down and really getting to grips with what you want can help you to get there.

2. Is It The Right Event For You?

We assist lots of our customers who are organising events, supplying them with all sorts of rental furniture, from poseur tables and stools for exhibition cubicles to our chrome stretch barriers for crowd control. This gives us a picture of the many events taking place in London and across the UK. So much choice can make it a little confusing when you trying to choose the best event for your company.

This is where the first tip comes in useful again, what do you want, and is the function an occasion that can provide this. You might want to consider whether those working for the press in your field will be there, is it the kind of occasion your customers will attend and will the special guests and spokespeople shed light on your industry.

3. Make success measurable

The next really important tip to successful event planning is looking at how you’ll actually manage the whole occasion, and how you’ll measure it’s success. This is a very broad area and can cover things like whether you have the staff to meet the objectives and the time to attend seminars for example. You can also think about how you might make your goals measurable, if your aim is to raise awareness of your service, you could measure this by seeing how many social media messages, likes and mentions you receive.

Logistics is another area that takes careful planning, such as how will you get there, how much does this cost and do you have all the essential equipment, both electrical, digital and furniture too. If you’d like any advice from our team regarding products for events, please do get in touch, we’re very happy to help!

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