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Fridge Or Wardrobe? Fashion To Make You Shudder…

Post by: Linsey S
Fridge Or Wardrobe? Fashion To Make You Shudder…

Without the textile industry there would be no fashions - although we think of the following outfits might be better suited to a fridge.

Textile style

Following our visit to a client working in the textile industry, we got a rare glimpse at a market that requires huge creativity. Textiles not only provide us with the latest fashionable clothes, but they also have a massive impact on global economies.

Goodbye gingham?

We were really interested to call into a London-based event to see so many different designs from over 50 exhibitors. We supplied 110 black freestanding screens and 82 6ft rectangular banqueting tables so exhibitors could show off their designs. With all the choice on offer for manufacturers, it might be surprising to learn that some wearers look beyond what’s available. For these fashionistas, gingham, leopard print and everything else is out - would you dare to wear any of the following?

1. Pleased to meat you

This garment needs no introduction - Lady Gaga’s meat dress! So famous it even has its own Wikipedia page. At first glance, it’s not apparent that the singer’s costume - which she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards - is actually cut from raw beef. The light pink hue, the thin layers could almost resemble materials you’d traditionally see in a wardrobe not in an oven getting cooked. Despite this, if you prefer your beef to be accompanied by potatoes and veg rather than jewellery, a hat and perfume, this dress is probably one you don’t want to meat!

2. Say cheese!

Walking in heels can take a bit of practice - and we think these shoes might just need the most practice of all. Created by design student Lorna Grey this year, the shoe features a pink finish with the toe resembling a mouse’s face, and a heel formed to look like a block of Stilton cheese.

The footwear was commissioned by campaigner Richard Landy who wanted to counter an EU regulation that would not recognise cheese made in a Cambridgeshire village as Stilton. This is despite reported records indicating that manufacture of Stilton originally took place in the area. If walking on Stilton heels isn’t for you, then don’t forget some crackers - you might prefer eating them instead.

3. I loo!

When it comes to weddings, there is one thing many guests can’t wait to see - THE dress. As one of the major spends for these special days, brides generally invest lots of time and money on their wedding dresses - but as we’ve found out this doesn’t apply to everyone tieing the knot - far from it...

Nice day for a wet wedding?

This year saw the tenth Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest being held in New York, and we have to say, the designs are truly amazing. Far from looking like they were wrapped up like a mummy in toilet roll, models sashayed elegantly around in all manner of dresses, from those featuring roses, lacing, and veils all fashioned from humble bathroom tissue. As nice as they are, we’re not sure these amazing creations are worthy of the British weather - one rain spell and the dress turns to mush, perhaps its best to stick to the silk, taffeta and other more reliable textile materials! Hire & Fashion
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