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Where To Buy Unicorn Meat?

Post by: Linsey S
Where To Buy Unicorn Meat?

About 1 in 3 purchases for everyday items are made online, but the internet is still a marketplace for totally weird purchases too.

Top online purchases

One of the first places any of us look when we need food, furniture and shoes is the internet, according to a study published by the British Retail Consortium. In fact a huge 2/3rds of purchases for these kinds of items occur via the web.

Our orders definitely support these results, with increasingly numbers of people going on the web to order furniture from us, from conference chairs to meetings, to corbusier sofas for events, and desks for exams - lots of people are going online!

WWWW: Wacky world wide web...

The consortium expects to see 50 per cent of Christmas transactions taking place on smaller devices, like mobile phones and tablets - showing that UK shoppers like the convenience and ease of buying online. Food, furniture and shoes are some of the most popular and common items we order over the internet, but the online marketplace offers an incredible amount of diversity… and we think the below ‘items’ are some of the wackiest ever!

1. Want some land?

Buying your own home is a dream for many - but how about your own country? Okay, so you might not have officially been able to buy New Zealand when it was listed on ebay, but you could still have tried! The island was reported to be listed by an Australian and managed to attract bids of up to $3,000 before the website took it down - someone could have got a great bargain.

2. Fancy a night out with the lads?

Another ebay listing, this ‘purchase’ included four Australians, as well as beer, snacks and some laughs too. Perfect for when you’re feeling a bit bored and fancy a night out. Unlike the New Zealand auction, this one actually went ahead, and the group sold themselves off for $1,300AU.

3. Get horny for meat!

This listing is a great one for you if you’re a bit fed-up with the usual turkey for your Christmas dinner. On Amazon a seller offered canned unicorn meat for sale, packaged in a tin with the manufacturer’s name on the label. A closer look at the listing reveals it’s not actually unicorn meat, but if you did fancy something a little different then some shops could have just the products for you, like Iceland’s, crocodile, ostrich or kangaroo burgers.

4. Throw me a bone?

Another odd purchase you could also buy from Amazon is a bag of bones. If you know a budding medical or nursing student these might actually be the best gift to buy, but the fact the skeleton is dismembered in a plastic bag makes it look very creepy - make no bones about it!

5. A shoulder to cry on

When something is bugging us it’s good to get it off our chests, and a Chinese website has decided to capitalise on this! The BBC highlighted how e-commerce website Taobao features listings by men who are willing to act as pretend boyfriends for women. They offer daily rates for escorted shopping trips, family visits or as a listener to complaints - with this last service costing around £5 for 20 minutes - meaning it might be cheaper to just phone a friend!

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