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What Is It About Chiavari Chairs?

Post by: Linsey S
What Is It About Chiavari Chairs?

Chiavari chairs showed off their versatility this week when we went to take some photos of them at a legal firm. The client hired 80 of our Chiavari chairs for a meeting in the city.

Versatile elegance

When seating is as elegant as Chiavari chairs you might be forgiven for thinking they suit only ultra-sophisticated events, but at a recent site visit to a top London legal firm shows - the graceful design, and their delicate traditional and contemporary look can fit into many more locations than sumptuous balls, stunning wedding venues and corporate parties!

Sumptuous - yet simple!

Our client recently ordered 80 of our limewash Chiavari chairs installed in pristine legal offices. We’re really keen to show you how versatile our Chiavari chairs are for furniture rental, so we’ve written this guide so you can see a selection of different locations perfect for this product.

1. Traditional and beautiful

First made in Italy from a town of the same name, our Chiavari range offer all that Italian splendour found in the initial seats, which were created in the 1800s. The delicate, sculpted back, and elegant legs combine to create the perfect event chair for lots of functions. Because of the wonderfully chic design they complement venues that have been sumptuously decorated. So if you’ve arranged a deluxe corporate ball with stunning decor - that may include glittering table decorations, swooping drapes and exquisitely dressed tables - our Chiavari chairs add to this sophisticated look.

The only way is opulence?

Another reason this chair rental range is so versatile, is because it fits so seamlessly into both opulent and more simply decorated venues. You’re able to dress these chairs up, perhaps with covers or bows, even flowers, but they also look ultra elegant with no accessories. This is down to the beautiful carved look, the slender frame and limewash finish

2. Corporate meetings

A timeless furniture hire product is one that offers both a traditional and contemporary feel, and we offer wide range of items that can be described this way - such as our Barcelona, Keeler and not forgetting our Chiavari chairs. Because of this chic yet traditional look, our Chiavari range is a top choice for many different kinds of events. As we could see from our recent site visit to a legal company in central London, a corporate and modern office is another great location for these elegant seats.

Let’s remember comfort too...

Contrasting with the brand new decor, our Chiavari chairs brought a real element of style and sophistication to the meeting room. In addition to a fresh contemporary design, these seats also feature other benefits making them useful for meetings. Coming with seat pads, they offer comfort, and the fact the pads can be colour matched with your venue means they’ll blend in perfectly. Being narrower than some of our other chair hire ranges, you can fit more into a room and maximise the space available.

3. Contemporary cafes and eateries

Outside of weddings, banquets and other events featuring formal dining, we have a diverse chair range for you to choose from. Our Chiavari chairs are also a product to consider when you’re looking for seating for more informal locations, such as contemporary cafes/restaurants, exhibition food halls or refreshment areas in galleries. Because we offer furniture rental periods to suit you, you’re able to hire any of our products for the long/short term - it’s completely up to you. Lots of our clients favour long-term hire as it often works out much more affordable than buying similar products outright.

If you’d like to hire our Chiavari chairs for your London venue or beyond, we have plenty in stock and deliver to London and the rest of the UK as early as today or tomorrow! Firm Meeting Firm Meeting Firm Meeting Firm Meeting Firm Meeting Firm Meeting Firm Meeting Firm Meeting Firm Meeting Firm Meeting
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