History of New Year

It was around 4000 years ago that the very first New Year’s celebration took place. The Emperor of Rome, Julius Caesar was the first to declare January 1st as a national holiday. January was named after Janus, the Roman God of doors and gates. Caesar felt a month named after this particular God would be fitting because Janus had two faces, one looking forward and one looking back.

New Year – New Furniture

As a New Year dawns, we all find ourselves reflecting on the year before. Each of us begins to think about New Year resolutions and how we systematize and de-clutter our lives. January brings the idea of organising, filing, arranging and generally freshening up our work spaces. The month can be a long and tiring, especially after the build up and festivities over the seasonal period. It’s easy to feel the ‘January Blues’ and what better way to welcome staff back to the office, than refreshing their work areas.

Our New Year furniture range includes brand new chairs which have recently been added to our collection as well as a selection of our most popular soft seating options. We’ve also increased our stool category and provided these as an option for break out or social areas.