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  • Modern light oak finish
  • Folding legs for quick set ups
  • Easy to make bigger/smaller
  • 25mm robust surface
  • Shown here with 10 chairs
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Meetings With Mods…

Our modular tables are the configuration king! What we mean by this, is that they can be set up in all sorts of ways, which is how we get our medium meeting sized table.

Prepared for the preparation?

Meetings can actually start long before they’re scheduled to begin, as you gather all the relevant bits of paperwork, put together digital presentations, check all invites and confirmations for the event have been sent and received. There are elements of these events that we can help you with, particularly your table hire needs.

Expert service for all your meetings

We’ve designed a specialised service that not only delivers all the products you need, direct to your location, but we also offer tips on the set up of your venues and even assist with installation if required. Our range of meeting room tables vary in size so you can choose the perfect ones for your function. Our medium size product is perfect for groups of ten people.

Inviting students, delegates or colleagues for meetings usually means you’ll be expected to provide all the seating and necessary furniture for everyone involved. Although this can sound like a very simple element of your events to organise, sometimes it may also feel complicated. Especially when you’re not quite sure how many people will arrive or the location of the functions - which can be the case when you’re ordering in advance.

Add more - or take away

The great advantage of our medium meeting room table, is that it is adaptable to your needs. This product actually features two 1800mm modular tables, along with two of our D-end products. With seating for ten people, this is a fantastic option for those mid-size meetings. When you’re not sure exactly how many people to expect and more confirm their invitations to your function than first thought, you’re free to add more modular tables, turning this medium-sized product into a larger one!

Venues can also make it tricky to organise events such as meetings, especially when you have lots of room to work with or little space. Our experts are specialists in giving tips on how to design your location, and we can offer suggestions. These products are perfect when you have a smaller space available to, as they have a folding leg mechanism, allowing them to be collapsed in seconds. You can then fit them through narrow doors, and on to lifts, although we can assist with this if you let us know in advance, and we’re able to set them up too, which is particularly useful when you have lots to install.

Check out those lovely legs!

Another great benefit of the folding leg feature is that the products are much easier to store. Just collapse the legs and place in your storage area. This gives a lot of convenience to our tables, because you’re free to quickly set up and down products when meetings suddenly increase or decrease in size.

Functionality is a fantastic feature of our tables, but they also look great, and the 25mm melamine surface is an excellent choice for many different environments. These include corporate offices where you’re keen to provide smart looking surfaces for meetings, and for seminars in schools/colleges or during events, where you’d like a steady, chic table for showing off products, for refreshments, or as an introduction to your company.

Weight 106.00 kg
Height 720 mm
Width 3400 mm
Depth 1600 mm

What suggestions do you have for seating to complement this table?

If you’re after comfort and affordability then our conference chairs are a great choice, and are great for longer meetings thanks the premium upholstery. Our plastic chairs are fantastic cost effective options, while our Keeler chairs offer style, and our office chair can be adapted to suit you.

Do you have the same table in other finishes?

We also offer modular tables in white and walnut, and they can be configured into meeting and large meeting room tables to suit your needs.

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