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£13.75 £16.50 / 1-7 days
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  • Price is per barrier, the image above is for illustration purposes - a set up showing two barriers.
  • Webbing length: 2000mm
  • Each base has a retractable, heavy duty UPVC belt line system which slots neatly into the next barrier.
  • Extremely versatile and set up in minutes
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Frequently Hired With...


Bold Black...

The word is that black goes with everything - and when it comes to furniture hire - this also applies! Our black stretch barrier is an exceptionally versatile product from our range, fitting into corporate occasions, nightclub openings, sporting arenas and many more locations. Sturdy, robust and with a classic design, there’s not much our black stretch barrier can’t do for smooth crowd management.

Smooth it out

What does effective crowd control bring to your function? Quite a lot! Nobody likes waiting in queues for a long time, especially when they can’t see the end of them… Queues that don’t follow straight lines may have people joining in the wrong place, frustrating those behind them. Short orderly queues can quickly begin to grow and without direction on where to stand, this could result in lots of room being taken up and venues becoming quite chaotic!

Perfect for fire policies

Also, if people need to evacuate quickly, perhaps for a fire drill, then this procedure can become slow and confusing. This is why many companies’ health and safety policies demand the use of crowd control barriers for functions, so people are free to quickly enter and exit buildings.

Or for stylish crowd management

Even when these policies aren’t in place, it’s a great idea to set up our black stretch barriers, because they can really contribute to the great memories visitors have of coming to your complex. Instead of remembering chaotic queues, long, endless lines of people waiting for entry, exit, tickets, food or refreshments, they’ll instead remembering joining an orderly queue and quickly arriving into or leaving your premises, or getting refreshments, for example.

Configure in minutes

All that’s needed is to set our black stretch barrier up in the configuration you need, and you have smooth crowd control in an instant! This product line is made from exceptionally robust uPVC, so it’s steady, sturdy and won’t let you down. Suitable for use outside, it’s great for those outdoor sporting occasions or outside the door of a VIP nightclub.

These are just some of the locations perfect for this product. The webbing is also very strong and is easy to pull out and clip on to another barrier. This means that when you need them to admit people or allow them to exit quickly, this can be done in just a few seconds… keeping those queues moving very smoothly indeed!

Subtle and chic crowd control

Because of the stylish black finish, this model is great when you’d like subtle crowd control, as it can stylishly blend into many different venues. It’s also a favourite for those professional occasions where a smart appearance is paramount. We have a range of other crowd control systems that can suit any function. For an extra chic and modern look, our chrome stretch barrier is ideal, thanks to its chrome post and blue webbing.

Want VIP vibes?

When you’re designing venues that ooze glamour and sophistication then our ropes and poles are simply perfect. The chrome post complements the red, braided rope, creating a deluxe and premium product - that’s very affordable too!

Weight 19.00 kg
Height 940 mm
Width 2720 mm
Depth 360 mm

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