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£158.31 £189.97 / 1-7 days
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£158.31 £189.97 / 1-7 days
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  • Modern, sophisticated white finish
  • Leather is durable and robust
  • Big cushions add to comfort
  • Two bigger sized sofas in stock
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Seating Other Sofas Are Scared Of!

Offering exceptional style and comfort, our one-seater corbusier sofas make a great impression on guests and are a great way to ensure your venues offer really contemporary looking seating, that’s also an absolute delight to sit on!

Sink into the support

We’ve all been there, gone to sink into a sofa and, well, it’s just not as comfy as it looks - you can completely forget about this happening where our sofa hire ranges are concerned, especially when it comes to our corbusiers!

These sofas have so many stand out features, it’s hard to know where to start. We think its design is a good place to begin. It says something about corbusiers that they’ve actually been around for a very long time, as they were first launched in the 1920s. That year there were probably lots of different furniture hire designs hitting the market, but this one is still popular today.

When haven’t they been popular?

We actually feature lots of iconic chair hire designs within our portfolio of products, such as our Eiffel, Keeler and Swan chairs, and our corbusier joins these items thanks to their enduring popularity. There’s always several reasons why an item of furniture is launched and maintains a solid fanbase that sees it being purchased or rented for many decades to come.

Our one-seater white corbusier sofas feature all those lovely design elements included in the very first sofas of its kind. These include the size of the product, as well as the cube shape, and the chrome frame that wraps stylishly around the seat. This gives it a very contemporary look, with a timeless twist.

Go deluxe

It’s all very well that sofas look nice, but ones that maintain their popularity also have to be comfy too! And our corbusiers tick that box 100 per cent. We’ve made sure to offer sofas that are exceptionally pleasant to sit on. These sofas all feature classic oversized cushions, that your guests can sink into, but they’re supportive too. This great combination of style and supportive cushioning means these are a great sofa hire choice when you want luxury looking sofas that are super comfy to sit on.

Stylish reception

Reception areas are a classic location for our corbusiers, as this is often where clients may have their first experience with your company, and these sofas give you a chance to impress them from the very start. These seats also fit into other venues where an ultra cool vibe and soft seating is crucial - such as conferences, networking zones, VIP areas, exclusive lounges, bars, restaurants and hotels.


Weight 22.00 kg
Height 670 mm
Width 760 mm
Depth 700 mm
Seat Depth 540 mm

Do you have this size in a different finish?

Yes, we also offer two seater corbusier sofas in white.

We need different sizes in white - is this possible?

Yes. As well as our white corbusier sofas, we also have two and three seaters available with the same finish.

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