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£11.83 £14.20 / 1-7 days
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  • Extremely lightweight grey and black coat stand
  • A hassle free way of storing coats, jackets and umbrellas
  • Keep your event or office area clean and tidy
  • Complete with hooks for garments and handy umbrella storage
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  • Manufacturing this product on average creates 3.31 kgCO2e (kg of carbon dioxide equivalent). Fulfilling your requirements by hiring instead of purchasing, you are looking at a much smaller carbon footprint: 0.003 kgCO2e . Thank you for being part of the solution to saving our planet.
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Keeping your office tidy, and safe!

Keeping your business premises tidy can sometimes be time consuming, so rather than spending unnecessary minutes keeping surfaces clear and put away items, why not get furniture hire products that help you do this in the first place. Our contemporary coat stand is sleek, chic and designed for coats, bags, hats and umbrellas.

Take a stand

Sometimes all we need to do to see what the weather is like outside the office is to look around and you might catch a glimpse of warm coats, lights jackets or wet umbrellas! When you don’t have somewhere to store these items, offices can quickly get messy - and possibly unsafe if lots of colleagues are arriving with their umbrellas leaving rain droplets on flooring.

Giving staff something to hang all these items on, not only make sure your premises stay neat and professional looking, but can stop rain from umbrellas and coats becoming a hazard by making floors slippy.

Making all the right impressions

It also makes a good impression on visiting clients to offer to take their coats and shows you care about their comfort. We’ve made sure that we offer a very professional looking product so you can do exactly this - the chrome and black finish is really modern looking, and is a great complement to other furniture hire ranges that you may order for your office or event, such as our chrome poseur tables, stools and much more!

The addition of a coat stand to your business premises shows that you’re the kind of company that thinks of everything, which can only make a great impression on your visiting or potential clients.

Strong and sturdy

Looking good is just one great aspect to our coat stands, they are strong and sturdy too. The base is steady ensuring it can take the weight of several coats, but it’s still easy to move when you’d like to re-locate it within your premises or different areas of your event. The robust black hooks are designed for both coats and bags, with additional hooks located lower down on the stand for umbrellas.

Be positive

Offices and events are not the only location where our coat stands can make a positive contribution to the look of locations. In fact, any destination where you welcome delegates, colleagues, potential clients is perfect for our coat stands, including restaurants, hotels, meetings, waiting rooms and lounges. Another top location for this product is your own home, its sleek looks make it a fantastic product for any household that favours contemporary design.

Same day to London deliveries

For corporate or domestic use, we can deliver your coat stands the same day to your London address, or the day after you order if you’re based outside of the capital. Like with all products in our chair and table hire range, you’re free to hire as few or as many coat stands that you need, because we have large stocks available in our warehouse based in London, and our other warehouses located throughout the UK, in Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow.

Weight 1.00 kg
Height 1750 mm
Width 390 mm

How many coats will your stand hold?

Several! There are four coats hooks, four bag hooks and four individual areas for umbrellas - so plenty of room for quite a few bags, jackets, hats and brollies.

Is it easy to lift?

Very. The design this means it’s stable, yet it only weighs 1kg!

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