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Your Top Three Table Hire Questions Answered

Post by: Linsey S
Your Top Three Table Hire Questions Answered

Furniture that saves you money and really suits your event is easy to come by when you use our service, and here’s our quick-start guide!

Whatever next...

We recently read with great interest how a new table is promising to reduce bills, but not in the way you might think… The Zero Energy Furniture (ZEF) Climatic Table has rather a long name, but what it does is actually very simple. Special materials integrated into the surface help to absorb energy when rooms are overly warm (to cool venues down) but release this heat when they become chilly.

Table Hire: Start simply

We think this is a fantastic invention from designer and engineer team Jean Sebastien Lagrange and Raphael Menard, although it may be some time before homes and offices across the country are swapping radiators and air conditioners for ZEF tabling. We know how important it is to get the most affordable products, and to balance this with style and design. Although our tables don’t yet control office and event location climates, they can help you control your budget, check out our guide for our top tips…

1. How much does it cost?

This is always a good place to start as it’s often the major deciding factor regarding the table hire items you choose. Many of us want to preserve our budget, which is why we have a selection of affordable products so you can do exactly this. Each table can fit into many events, so when you want economical tables for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and sit-down meals, then our 6ft rectangular trestle tables can be hired for £4.49 each for an entire week.

We can beat or match other quotes

As our trestle tables are unfinished then you’re free to cover them with linen for a sophisticated look. If you want to spend a bit more, then our modular tables have a smart and professional look thanks to the 25mm melamine making up their surface, and our 4ft range can be rented for £9.99 a week.

These are just some examples of what we provide, we also have walnut and white tables, as well as taller poseur tables in a variety of styles for all budgets. Another tip well worth remembering is that we offer a price match service, where we aim to beat or equal quotes for similar products from other providers, to make your spending go a bit further.

2.  What type of table should I get?

Cost is one important factor to think about before you place a table hire order and when this has been figured out, then you might want to also take some time choosing the best style for your event. As well as offering products that can fit with many budgets our tables can be used for all sorts of themes. Say you’re exhibiting products in a contemporary gallery or exhibition, and want that light minimalist look, then our white modular tables and poseur tables are perfect for this.

When the event calls for a very premium and executive atmosphere, then our walnut range has proven to be a firm favourite time and time again. The light oak finish of our modular tables means they’re often hired for corporate and smart occasions, where a professional look is essential, such as conferences, meetings, book signings and many more locations.

3. Will they work in my venue?

The theme you choose generally matches the branding of your company. As mentioned above for a very modern look you might prefer our white finish, while executive locations really suit walnut. Another important factor is the actual location of your venue. By this we don’t mean whether you’re in Liverpool or Bristol but more specifically whether your function is being held indoors or outdoors, in a large airy hall or perhaps a smaller office. Depending on the type of space, one table might suit you better than another.

Get a room - any room!

For example if your event is outdoors then our white plastic tables are a great rental solution. They’re weather resistant, foldable and have a great finish for all those outside occasions, like picnics, lawn parties and weddings. Our chrome poseur tables are also a rust resistant product that has matching seating available. If your event is indoors then practically any of our tables will fit your requirements, although you might want to think about size depending on the room available. All our folding tables come in a range of smaller and larger sizes and you’re able to place them together to create larger meeting surfaces if needed.

Got a question? Just get in touch

We hope our three top table hire tips have proven useful, but please do get in touch if you have any questions about any aspect of ordering from us - we’re very happy to give advice and answer all your questions.

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