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How To Create A Formal Seating Plan

Post by: Linsey S
How To Create A Formal Seating Plan

If you are planning a formal occasion it can be difficult to know exactly how and where to seat guests. Do you really need to create a seating plan? Can’t you just let everybody seat themselves if you provide enough seats? Well, the answer is that everybody would be seated eventually, but there would be some amount of squabbling involved over who sits where. People like to be organised and to have a clear idea of what is expected of them at formal events. A seating plan helps to reduce guest anxiety and ensure everybody has a good time.

Wedding Top Table Seating Plans

It is tradition for the newlyweds to sit at what is known as the top table. This can be a round or rectangular table and will usually be placed in a focal point of the room. Some couples choose not to have a top table and to instead leave some empty seats at every table so they can mingle with their guests during the wedding breakfast. Others choose a formal configuration where they are seated at a rectangular table along with close members of their family.

Traditionally, the groom sits to the right of the bride while the best man sits to her left. However, if you have your parents seated at the table it is customary for the parents to be seated next to their respective children.

Singles vs. Couples

Wouldn’t it be great if two people that hadn’t met before met at your wedding, fell in love and got married? It’s happened before, and if you want to have a hand in a little light matchmaking, a singles table could provide the right spark. The key to creating a singles table is to not make it obvious that it is a singles table. While your guests may figure it out eventually, by that time they will have all got to know each other and not really care.

Seating Children

If you have children attending your wedding, it can be a really cute idea to seat them together. Ask parents before you do this to gauge their reaction. If they look at you in horror, it might be a better idea if their child sits with them for the duration of the meal. You could also think about booking a child’s entertainer who will take the children to another area of the venue to keep them amused with arts and crafts or a show.

Making Place Settings Clear

Once you have your seating plan coordinated, it’s time to commit those plans to paper. You’ll need place cards and a seating plan you can display at the doorway of your reception room. Another option is to give your guests escort cards. These tell your guests at which table they will be seated at, but allow them to choose which seat they sit in.

Let Us Help You Seat Them Comfortably

If you are looking for chairs for your wedding reception, we have a wealth of options available. We’re not called Chair Hire for nothing! Whether you are looking for chairs for your wedding or you have a milestone birthday to celebrate, we can ensure your guests are seated comfortably. 

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