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Origins Of The Humble Chair

Post by: Linsey S
Origins Of The Humble Chair

You’re probably sitting down right now as you read this, and you’ve probably sat on countless versions of the humble chair in the past 24 hours - the kitchen chair, the seat on the train or in your car, your office chair, your sofa or armchair, and if you’re really lucky a stool in the bar or a dining chair in your favourite restaurant.

We love chairs at Chair Hire, and while we may be slightly biased, you have to agree it’s possibly the most used item of furniture in the world today. We thought we would pay homage to our favourite furniture item by looking back at its origins, and also a few psychological reasons why people sit where they do.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin. And if you’re not sitting comfortably, why not check out our wonderful range of chairs for hire on our website?

The Journey From Stately Throne To Domestic Home

Before the 16th century, chairs were used to denote authority and were mainly used by royalty, dignitaries and people in power to show their status. This is where the term ‘chairman’ comes from. It was only after the 16th century that chairs started to become the norm in domestic homes, with most chairs being handcrafted by local wood workshops and factories.

However, even though chairs are everywhere, they are still able to be used as a mark of authority. Think about the boss’s chair in the office, or the chair at the head of the table. Where somebody sits and what they sit on can be a clear marker to the position they hold within the company or their status at a formal event.

The Chair Through The Ages

Over the years, chairs have been subject to many makeovers. The Ancient Egyptians loved natural designs that were constructed from ivory or ebony. The more splendid the design, the more important the person who sat on it. The Romans and Greeks preferred chairs that were constructed from marble and decorated with mythical creatures.

During Medieval times, chairs were largely made from wood with high backs and featuring biblical or hunting scenes that were carved intricately into the design. As more and more people began to own chairs, the designs became more diverse, and this was especially the case during the Renaissance period. During this time it was common to sit on a chair plated in gold and upholstered in the finest silk. Not very practical, but expensive and beautiful.

Between the 18th century and the modern day, there has been somewhat of a revolution in chair design. From folding chairs to plastic chairs and bean bags to recliners, the choice is astounding when it comes to choosing seating for both the commercial and domestic settings.

Hire Chairs With Confidence

Where would we be without the humble chair today? Whether you are looking for a new office chair, chairs for that special event or you need simple plastic chairs for an affordable price, we have everything you need at a price you can afford. Why buy when you can hire? We make chair hire simple, affordable and convenient. Take a look at our range today. Folding Chair Conference Chair Furniture Hire
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