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4 Ways to Ace the January Exam Environment

Post by: Linsey S
4 Ways to Ace the January Exam Environment

When it comes to getting ready for January exams, it still seems like such a long way off, doesn’t it? We’ve only just opened the Christmas presents, eaten the turkey and, not to mention those New Year’s eve parties to attend - tonight!

What can exams not do without?

Here’s a question, what can exams not do without? Students: Yep. Exam papers: Definitely. One necessity, however, often overlooked is exam desks. OK sure, we know we need them, but selecting the right one is also important. The right desk can help create the right environment and achieve those sought after grades.

So, when choosing the right exam desk, what should we consider? Here are four ways to make any school, college or university get it right when it comes to selecting exam desks.

1. Create Comfort

Let’s face it, we’ve got to lean on and use these exams for up to two hours at a time and may need to support, tens, hundreds and thousands of students in any one exam period. We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of an exam, completely silent, and our table or chair causes us to spend the next ten minutes trying to shift it about in the hope of getting comfortable. Nobody wants to be fidgeting through an exam or worried that it could squeak or wobble at any given moment. Choose a comfortable exam desk that stands the test of time. 

2. Make Room

With thousands of exams desks for hire at our depot, we’ve got your January furniture hire needs covered. You don’t have to worry that you’ve run out of time because we’ve got more than you need to fill school, college and university halls full.

And it’s not just the venue space itself we’re making room for, we’re giving students the room they need to make sure they have the perfect exam environment. With oodles of desk space, set your desk out ready to achieve the best. With a nifty extra, a pen groove, let’s make sure you never have to worry about losing that necessary tool again.

3. Opt For Foldable

Exam desks should be lightweight for easy transportation. But what happens, at the end of the exam day, when you need to clear the exam hall for another event? Over the January exam season, if you need your hall to be multi-purpose and hold a number of events that require a quick and simple furniture change then opt for a foldable desk that provides your classrooms and halls with even more space to ensure that it can be transformed for whatever exam or event is needed. If specified - our delivery team will not only set up your desks - but take them down too, at a time that suits YOU!

4. Do it Online

It’s Christmas after all and we could do without the inconvenience and price of going in-store to buy furniture. So why not avoid the crowds and turn to online to hire your furniture.

Get your exam desks for hire well in time for the exam season with our quick, simple and easy online ordering system. Simply choose the furniture that meets your criteria including competitive prices and user rating, and then click add to quote when you’re ready for it to be delivered.

Our customer service is at the top of our agenda and we're always aiming to better our user rating to make sure that you, our customers, have the best furniture hire and service available to you. With same and next day, we’ve got your exam needs covered this year!!

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