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The Top Team Building Event Activities

Post by: Luisa Tona
The Top Team Building Event Activities

Team building activities allow employees to get to know each other better in a different setting to usual. This builds stronger connections between employees and means that they are able to confidently collaborate and work towards goals more efficiently. There are many team building activities that encourage group work in a fun and unique way; these can be held at events, in the workplace or on business trips. Here are some of the top team building activities that can help bring your team together.


Bake Off

A bake-off is a messy and fun way to unite your team; many event companies will offer bake-off packages that provide teams with their own baking station and supplies, or you can organize your very own bake-off with our trestle tables, stools and gazebos. Communication and leadership skills will help team members to work towards winning the challenge.

Escape Room

Escape room team building has become one of the most popular choices for businesses this year and requires a trip to an escape room venue which makes a great day out for employees. An escape room is an effective way to encourage teamwork as it gives employees a common goal; to escape a room full of puzzles. The activity encourages problem-solving and communication within the team which is a vital part of a successful business.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a highly popular and advanced simulation that allows players to experience a game as if they were really there. There are many different ways that virtual reality can be used for team building and there are many companies that will offer a range of packages to help strengthen teamwork skills. The most popular VR games to encourage team building are the ones that assign team members to different roles and require each player to work together to get through different scenarios.

Office Olympics

An office Olympics can take place both indoors and outdoors and requires teams to compete in a variety of mini-challenges. The mini-challenges can be chosen by an outside event planner or employees themselves; examples of these activities include teammates guiding a blindfolded employee through a small assault course or taking turns in throwing darts to score points. These mini activities build up points throughout the day which creates excitement and builds employee confidence.


Team building is essential for a happy and productive workplace and there are many options for you and your team to choose from.  If you are holding a team building event and require furniture hire then we have a huge range for you to choose from! Get an instant quote online today or speak to one of our friendly sales agents on 0203 031 6496.

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