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Is Furniture Hire Part of your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Post by: Linsey S
Is Furniture Hire Part of your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster recovery; it’s a little like an insurance plan for your organisation and absolutely essential if you want to keep it ‘business as usual’ in the event of an emergency. Whether it is written on paper or held on computer, your disaster recovery plan should be detailed and encompass everything involved in operating your business should the unexpected occur.

Here we take a look at the basics of writing a disaster recovery plan for your business, and why furniture is so important - surprisingly, it’s often one of the last things people think of, and often missed off the plan document completely!

Choosing An Alternate Location

The first thing you’ll need to think about when writing your disaster recovery plan is where you will be working from. Let’s say your existing office is damaged by flood or fire. Where can you relocate to easily? An alternate location may mean moving to another area within your building or sharing space with another branch office. You may also consider asking some members of staff to work from home.

Who Do You Need?

The next thing to decide is who will be working at the new location. By making a list of people or roles that should be transferred, you will be ready for action if the time comes to execute your plan. Think about the critical roles needed to run the bare bones of your business such as customer service teams, IT teams and accounting staff, and make sure you include them in your plan. Who can you not do without? Who is going to help protect your reputation and keep the money coming in?

Choosing Essential Office Equipment

Very often, in the event of a disaster, time, space and money can be in short supply. Therefore, you’ll need to concentrate on making the most of what you have got and what you can afford. Focus on those absolutely essential items that will ensure your teams are comfortable and able to work in a different location for as long as you need to - you never know how long that might be so choose solutions that are as flexible and cost effective as possible!

Furniture hire is the perfect addition to any disaster recovery plan, and here’s why. At, we can get the furniture you need when you need it, and can often deliver on the same or next day! Whether you need desks or chairs, or an emergency boardroom set up, we can cater for your needs and get you up and running in no time. We’ll even set everything up for you so that you can concentrate on other areas of disaster recovery.

Choosing Supporting Equipment

Next, think about the equipment your staff will need to actually carry out their jobs. This will include company data, email, telephone services, payroll systems and everything essential to the running of your business. More and more companies are setting up disaster recovery in the cloud so that in the event of an emergency their teams can work anywhere and from any computer or device.

Protect And Share Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Your disaster recovery plan may be the best in the world, but it won’t be any use if nobody knows about it. It’s also no good if it gets destroyed in a fire! What are you going to do? Write a disaster recovery plan...for your disaster recovery plan? No, that would be silly! However, when that plan could make the difference between survival of your business and bankruptcy, it makes sense to ensure everybody that matters knows about it.

Don’t forget to make furniture an essential part of your disaster recovery plan. We would be delighted to assist and can give you advice on everything from the bare essentials to the supporting accessories you need to be fully operational should disaster strike.

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