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How To Plan An Amazing Summer Garden Party

Post by: Linsey S
How To Plan An Amazing Summer Garden Party

If you are in the middle of planning a summer garden party and you need ideas and inspiration, we have a few tips that will ensure your event runs perfectly to plan and is the summer event of the year.

1. Plan A Barbecue

The great British barbecue has undergone quite a dramatic makeover in recent years. Gone are the days of soggy buns and charred sausages, instead you will find beautifully marinated chicken, homemade sourdough bread and steaks grilled to perfection. Barbecues make the perfect summer party food option and you could even hire a barbecue company to come and do the hard work for you.

2. Prepare For Rain With A Marquee

Bring the outdoors indoors and the indoors outdoors with a beautiful marquee. Not only can marquees be furnished today like any internal space, but they also offer welcome shelter from the rain or sun during your summer garden party. Why not furnish your marquee with chairs and tables or picnic tables if you are going with a countryside or English garden theme.

3. Go All British Bake Off

The country has gone made for baking and it’s a trend that seems to show no sign of stopping. Why not give your summer garden party a British Bake Off theme with afternoon tea, homemade cakes and colourful bunting? Finish it all off with a Pimms tent on the lawn and your party is all set.

4. Use Lots Of Low Level Seating

Give your summer garden party a relaxed vibe by incorporating lots of low level seating. This type of seating encourages people to sit and chill out in the sun, and if you add a few low tables this will also give them somewhere to rest their drinks while they take part in activities.

5. Mix It Up With Some Fruity Summer Cocktails

Give your summer garden party a fun twist by creating your own signature cocktail. This could be served to guests on arrival or throughout your event. Even better, give your guests a mobile bar from which they can place their orders in style. Give them options of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to cater for drivers and non-drinkers.

6. Add A Few Fun Activities

No garden party is truly complete without some fun activities. However, it’s best to keep these as light as possible if the sun is beating down and alcohol is being served. How about a game of croquet or some giant chess pieces to keep people entertained? These can be hired from many events companies and are perfect for inside and out.

Make Us Your First Choice For Chair Hire

If you are looking for chair hire that you can trust and afford for your summer garden party, make sure you come to Chair Hire. We stock a wide range of furniture ideal for indoor and outdoor use and we can help you to choose the perfect chairs to suit your needs.

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