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Classy, Corporate Training? Our Conference Chairs Are Perfect

Post by: Linsey S
Classy, Corporate Training? Our Conference Chairs Are Perfect

A global investment management company ordered ten of our conference chairs with writing tablets for training sessions. We visited an affluent corner of the UK to take some pictures of our products and see how well they fit into classy, corporate locations.

Your training session essentials

Training is often essential for upskilling workforces and we got to see how our lecture chairs are the ideal choice for meetings that concentrate on developing workers’ skills.

We have a wide selection of chairs available, and many of them are perfectly suited for training sessions. Keeping workforces skilled can benefit companies in lots of different ways. An obvious advantage to running programmes like this, is that colleagues can develop their knowledge base and be able to contribute more in the workplace. This may boost productivity and also retention of staff, as they enjoy adding to their skills and growing with the business concerned.

Sitting comfortably has never been so easy!

Some training is mandatory in companies - like manual handling - but other courses may be optional. When clients are arranging training, they need to think about the types of activities that will take place during the sessions. For example, will there be hands-on workshops where attendees may practice specific skills, or will the tutorial revolve around discussions, presentations and appearances from expert speakers?

In regard to this particular client, we travelled to a very affluent area in the city to take a look at our lecture seating. These chairs are the perfect choice when clients are holding training sessions that may involve talks, lectures, presentations and note-taking. When attendees are sitting down for long lengths of time, then it’s crucial they have a comfortable seat, so they’re free to concentrate on the subjects covered.

Lean on me...

Our lecture seats are actually conferences chairs with a very important difference! They have a black writing tablet attached that acts as a small desk, providing somewhere to place papers, books and digital notebooks too. So as well as offering lots of comfort, thanks to the curved seat, lumbar support and cushioning, these products made the ideal choice for this particular client.

When companies hold training sessions, attendees may come from far and wide to take part. They could travel from sister offices, universities or other businesses entirely. Whether they normally work on-site or have travelled to get to premises, many companies want their training rooms to look very smart, to uphold the professional image of their organisation. Our photos show that our lecture chairs can fit into any corporate location with ease, thanks to the product’s black seat and writing tablet, as well as the chrome frame, which looks really stylish.

For small sessions and mass training

This item from our range can be ordered in vast quantities, and we’ve often sent thousands and thousands of our conference chairs to many destinations throughout the UK. Although we have large stocks available, our clients can order as many or as few as they like. On this occasion our client ordered ten, which suited their needs. They make a great chair to fit into smaller venues, as well as large, as they are very easy to move around and stack.

Although they are very sturdy - with an upholstered seat set on a tubular steel frame - they’re also easy to lift, so they can be quickly configured to complement any venue - as you can see from our pics. The writing tablet simply slides in front of the hire chairs when you need a writing surface, or move it to the side and down when it’s not required. with Lecture Chairs with Lecture Chairs with Lecture Chairs
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