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0203 031 6496

Chair Hire - For Those Unexpected Events!

Post by: Linsey S
Chair Hire - For Those Unexpected Events!

We’ve all had those days in the workplace… sitting down completing our tasks when a cow suddenly falls through the ceiling breaking your office furniture! In all likelihood, this probably hasn’t happened to you, but a weaver from Cornwall recently experienced this exact same situation as reported in the Daily Mail, showing how useful it could be to call on the rental furniture experts in your time of need.

Why plan for emergencies?

On this occasion, a weaver from the West Country was in her converted barn where she works when she heard a very loud noise followed by a cow crashing through the ceiling breaking her furniture. As she started to move the animal from the barn, a second cow joined the first in falling through the roof. Luckily there were no injuries and plummeting farmyard animals aren’t a common worry for most people heading into their workplace each day, although it does highlight the need to have some sort of emergency plan for those unexpected events, whether these are lost cows or more common problems, like fires, floods or loss of data.

Getting prepared - for small and large businesses

You company may already have lots of protocols in place for these kinds of unfortunate events, and if you haven’t thought about what you’d do if fires, floods or falling cows affected your company, then it may save you a headache later if you had some kind of response plan. In fact, figures from Braintree District Council show that a fifth of all businesses experience major disruption to services every year because of these kinds of unforeseen events, while ten per cent stop trading altogether.

Where to start…

Further tips published by the council advise managers to form a business continuity plan, that would ensure you can keep operating when hit by circumstances you didn’t see coming. Typical scenarios that could threaten your firm, include fire, floods, IT system failure, utility problems, sickness from flu/other viruses and for an unlucky weaver in the West Country - a disorientated cow. Plans involve looking at specific outcomes, assessing risk and recording how you company with deal with events if they were to occur.

For example, in the case of flooding, you can have the likelihood of this happening assessed and then install special windows, doors and basement pumps if necessary. Insurance is crucial, and having the names of contractors to assist you in clearing damage and restoring your premises is useful too.

How can we help?

We have a really varied customer base and have helped supply hire chairs following exceptional circumstances, like flooding and other kinds of damage. Although our service is perfectly suited to those clients who’d like some polyprop chairs for exams, or office chairs for new workspaces, our next day delivery service is of great benefit to those companies who need seating in a hurry. We never got a call from the weaver from Cornwall who had two cows as unexpected visitors, but we could have transported new chairs to her destination very easily!

Rental seats for those office emergencies

Offering our next day deliveries means that you can stock your premises with seating as soon as you need them. We have a great range available that suit schools, corporations, boardrooms, reception areas and many more different locations. You can include us in your emergency contractors with confidence, and if you like seating for any other events, like shows, formal dinners and exams - feel free to also get in touch.

Our easy online ordering system means you can process your entire order - from selection, to payment and next day delivery arrangement - in just a few clicks of your mouse. Hire - For Those Unexpected Events! Hire - For Those Unexpected Events! Hire - For Those Unexpected Events!
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