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5 Shows of Romance this Valentine’s Day

Post by: Natasha S
5 Shows of Romance this Valentine’s Day

It’s conveniently the same day every year, so an ‘oops it slipped my mind’, ‘I’ve been super busy at work’ or a not-so-sly slip out at the end of the day to get a lacklustre bunch of flowers from the local garage or a sad and lonely card is unlikely to impress the apple of your eye.

So how can you make sure that you create a smile on your better half’s face so gleaming that it’ll last until next year’s Valentine’s Day? Here are 5 helpful tips to show you how:

1. Know the Importance of Valentines

For some cynics out there, Valentine’s Day is nothing but a commercial masterpiece that has been orchestrated to get each and every one of us to part with our hard-earned pounds. But that’s quite sad, isn’t it? Because there’s something special, lovely and sentimental about dedicating an entire day to the one we love. And for those who say, ‘why is there a day dedicated to it? Shouldn’t it just be every day?’, you make a valid point, but how many of us actually make the time in our busy lives to do this? Yet, this one, a consistent date, nudges us to communicate our love in our own little or grand ways. 

2. Don't forget, mark your calendars

As the Christmas and New Year events become a year away, we welcome a New Year of events, goals and memories. Valentine’s Day seems to appear quicker each year. And with that, comes the possibility of it slipping from our mind. For anyone you have received a present, but forgot to get one to give, needless to say, that does not go down well.

Stay out of the doghouse this Valentine’s Day by circling, underlining or highlighting the 14th February on every diary, calendar and device you have in sight. The wrath of a forgotten card, flowers or present may not be revoked until next year’s romantic day comes back around.

3. Valentines gifts for him or her

Impress your loved ones by selecting a gift that really and truly has their name on it. In the weeks leading up to the big date itself, listen out for little hints. After all, it’ll make choosing that all important gift easier. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get it spot on this Valentine’s Day.

Nothing says sentimental better than a unique, bespoke and personalised gift with your loved one’s name or favourite things on. Cards, flowers and chocolates never get old, but why not add a splash of creativity to this Valentine’s Day with a romantic scrapbook, a box full of all the reasons you love them or a customisable piece of jewellery that spells out your love...literally.

4. Plan a romantic dinner

Whether you’re a keen chef or a bean on toast kinda cook, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that making the time to create your loved one’s favourite dish, selecting the most unique ingredients, yummiest deserts or a delicious bottle of wine, shows them you are thinking of them and is bound to make their day, their week, hey even their month. With so many deals in the supermarkets and fresh produce available from the butchers for you to lovingly select or craft, give your other half a mouth-watering Valentine’s meal they won’t forget in a hurry!

5. Make them feel loved

We all lead such busy lives that the hours and days seem to rush past us and we can often feel like passing ships in the night. On this one loved-up day of the year, why not devote as much of those 24 hours as possible to letting that special person in your life know just how much they’re loved? It doesn’t have to be a big grand gesture either. Often, the most treasured memories come from the smallest acts. And as time is our most precious commodity, giving your loved one your time is truly the most romantic gift they could ask for. Making them smile will not only make their day but yours too.

Let us know what you’ll be getting up to this Valentine’s Day by joining our social community. Like us on Facebook, tweet your thoughts on Twitter or upload your romantic gift ideas on Pinterest. table setting table setting table setting table setting table setting table setting table setting table setting
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