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Warehouse Transformed Into Cinema

Post by: Linsey S
Warehouse Transformed Into Cinema

A huge, city-based warehouse in a very fashionable district was turned into an innovative three-screen cinema with the help of 1,200 black conference chairs delivered from our London depot. Read on to see how well this furniture hire item fit into the urban location.

Picture this!

What does it take to transform a large airy warehouse into a three-cinema venue? Going by our most recent site visit, around 1,200 conference chairs do the job very nicely indeed!

Cutting edge seating

There are always some parts of a city that are associated with those cutting edge events that attract some of the hippest and fashionable crowds around. Usually they’re located in areas offering a thriving nightlife and entertainment hotspots where people go out to see and be seen. This is the kind of location we visited and we checked out how items from our chair hire range turned a popular warehouse location into a hi-tech and comfortable three-screen cinema.

Urban grit gets contemporary

We have installed seating in many different venues for lots of occasions. For our recent client, the location is a dream for many event organisers as they can design rooms from scratch and tailor them to specific functions. Although this is a similar kind of venue, the elevated roof, as well as it’s industrial pillars and concrete floor added a real urban appeal and city-grit atmosphere to this particular festival - making the location a mix of a blank slate with an industrial feel!

Movie-ing with the times

Movie-goers have been filling up theatres and eagerly awaiting the start of movies since the turn of the 20th Century. Back in 1905 a cinema was opened in the US called the Nickelodeon and was one of the first complexes of its type to show films. Technology at the time meant that movies were only a few minutes long, but they were shown in sequence to last around 30 minutes in total. Once this started to get popular, other branches opened across the states and an entire movie industry began to develop.

Cinema seating - order today

Nowadays movies can last for hours and hours at a time, and big budgets are often the norm, with million-dollar actors and actresses taking lead roles. There are many different types of films for all kinds of tastes, and our recent client was centred on a particular style that has a very firm and cult following.

The warehouse location proved a great location for those wishing to view movies and meet those appearing in lead roles for the shows. In order to provide everyone with a comfy vantage point to watch films and get involved in question and answer sessions with actors, we provided hire chairs for the event.

Stylish seating for every screen

In fact, 1,200 of our black conference chairs were transported to the urban location. As you can see from our images, the heavy black drapes, tiered seating and large screens helped turn the warehouse into a modern cinema. We think our products made the best seating for this occasion.

The black finish is very smart, and blends perfectly into a range of different places, from corporate events, and cinemas! Here, they provided very smart looking seating, complementing the tiered platforms and large drapes. The chrome frame adds a chic element, fitting really well into the urban and contemporary location.

Be comfy until the credits roll

Visitors to cinemas know the importance of a comfortable seat, and wish to sit back and relax as they watch movies. This is another reason why our black conference chairs are an ideal choice for these types of functions in London, and they're also available in blue. The upholstery on the seat and seat back of these products is premium quality, making it soft but supportive too - lumbar support adds to these features even more - so clients can really enjoy movies, whether they last for five minutes or five hours! for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema for Pop Up Cinema
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