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Flying Saucer Pictured In Brazil?

Post by: Linsey S
Flying Saucer Pictured In Brazil?

Many of us buying premises would have contacted a chartered surveyor at some, and we would love to hear what these professionals would say about some of the buildings below!

Surveyors’ Soiree

We recently visited a client who works as a chartered surveyor supplying them with our chrome poseur tables and black padded stools for a networking event. We think this is a classic combination of furniture and really liked seeing it in the modern white venue and the outdoor area, which is a great addition to those summer functions.

What Would The Professionals Say?

Chartered surveyors offer many services and one of the most popular reasons many of us contact them is to get valuations on properties and to uncover possible structural defects. When we’re searching for new homes or business locations, space, facilities and location are generally very important, but we’ve found a whole selection of buildings that can only be described as totally unique! Here are our favourites…

1. Is that a bird… a plane?

Located in Brazil above a stunning beach is the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, although you might be forgiven for thinking it is a UFO. The gallery has the classic shape of a flying saucer, and it’s apparently precarious position adds to this even more. The structure was built in 1996 and measures 16 metres high. We think it does look out of this world, and imagine the many admirers it attracts every year think the same!

2. Looks a bit like Lego…

We’re used to see small scale constructions made from Lego, and possibly some larger ones at theme parks revolving around these small plastic bricks. Now there’s a living complex that we think resembles this toy but much bigger. Habitat 67 is a residential structure that looks like lots of big bricks have been placed haphazardly on top of each other. This gives the impression bits could fall down at any time, but it is in fact a very strong building.

3. The rock!

Before living in homes made from wood and bricks, history tells us that man turned to the natural environment in order to make our homes. This is still the case for some homeowners who want to mix in a bit of old and new. In Portugal you’ll find the Stone House. As the name indicates this property comprises of rock - lots of it. The central structure of the home lies between four huge boulders, and the seamless design makes it appear as if the house has grown from the rocks around it. Although it uses very traditional materials for much of its structure, the property is reportedly very modern inside, and boasts all sorts of facilities, including a fireplace and swimming pool.

4. Flower power

Another building that incorporates a natural look is the Lotus building in India. This operates as a temple and features an amazing lotus shape, complete with smooth, curved petals, that look like they’ll open at any second. Tourists and visitors can’t get enough of this unique structure, which is reported to be one of the most visited in the world.

5. Bookish building

Looking across many cityscapes it’s hard to tell what the buildings are used for, unless there is some kind of advertising attached to them. The opposite is true of a construction located in the US state of Missouri. The external part of the building resembles a whole shelf of books, for - as you may have guessed - a public library. Books chosen for the outside were decided by Kansas City library and feature a host of well known titles, such as Lord of the Rings and Romeo and Juliet.


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