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0203 031 6496

Standing Tall In Our Capital City

Post by: Linsey S
Standing Tall In Our Capital City London Meetings London Meetings London Meetings London Meetings London Meetings London Meetings London Meetings London Meetings

After visiting one of the tallest buildings in the country we have the bug and have found out all sorts of interesting facts about other similar structures we can’t wait to share!

Staggering Sizes And Much More...

Our client is located in the former Heron Tower, which was renamed the Salesforce Tower last year. This is the tallest building in our capital’s financial district, and standing at 230m is the third tallest in London behind the 235m One Canada Square and the 306m Shard. All these structures share a very impressive fact, they’re massive, and we’re thought the Salesforce Tower was a particularly impressive location for a meeting that required 80 of our white folding fan back chairs.

As we took a deeper look into all those towering buildings across the globe, we could see that it’s not only the size of them that’s staggering, but many of them integrated totally unique design features, and here are some of our favourite…

1. Nothing fishy here!

If you’ve ever been to the Saleforce Tower then you’ll already know the impressive feature that greets you. Once through the revolving glass doors, a huge fishtank is visible behind the reception desk and we think it's an attraction in its own right! The aquarium actually holds an amazing 70,000 litres of water and 1,200 fish, making it one of the largest tanks in the UK. It even has two full time workers who are dedicated to keeping the delicate ecosystem within balanced.

2. Supreme green

If the idea of viewing a fishtank of this size within a building appeals to you, then you’ll likely to also be drawn to the huge Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This is the tallest structure of its type in the world, standing at a vertigo-inducing 828m! The building offers space for all kinds of use, from residential, to business and hospitality. Despite the high reach of this structure, we thought it was still mind boggling that it features 11 hectares of green areas and impressive water features too. Called ‘The Park’, it’s described as an outdoor living space with forest groves, a lake and playing features among many other amenities.

3. Just because

When the Shard opened in the UK, we quickly became used to its title as the tallest in Britain, but there’s actually another structure that is taller! Called Emley Moor Transmitting Station, you’ll be able to guess it’s not an office or living space. Located in Kirkless West Yorkshire, this construction measures a whopping 330m in height and offers astounding views across the countryside. Responsible for beaming digital signals to 1.5million viewers this little-known tower can be considered the tallest in the country.

4. A bridge too far?

Many bridges have lovely views, and lots of them of famous for the stunning vistas surrounding them and their architecture too, such as the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and Venice’s Bridge of Sighs. There’s another one we think also deserves some acclaim, and that’s the Skybridge between the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Linking the soaring 452m structures this bridge must offer one of the best views on the planet!

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