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Going VIP… Are You Brave Enough?

Post by: Linsey S
Going VIP… Are You Brave Enough?

Our stretch barriers recently defined a comfy VIP area, a must-have for many events, but some VIP locations and experiences are very unusual…

Simple Streamlining

We recently visited ExCeL London to see a client holding a large conference. The first day alone saw over 500 people coming along. This type of event is perfect for stretch barriers, as they streamline queues and make the most of the space you have available.

Define & Dedicate

Our customer also used them to mark out a separate VIP area that offered seating and somewhere for guest speakers to relax. These kinds of areas are a great addition to your event and ensure there’s a dedicated location for those who want to meet other special visitors and unwind.

Would You...

However, not all VIP areas are as comfy, some companies use these separate locations and very unusual experiences to tempt potential clients…

1. You’re in the money - not for long!?

There are so many ways to describe Las Vegas, it’s an adult’s playground, it’s fun, loud and very proud. Many Brits travel there every year to have a bit of a flutter, stay in the unique hotels and watch showstopping entertainment performances. Now you can have the VIP experience to beat them all when you book a special package at Drai’s nightclub.

There’s no limos here, instead for a reported $737,000 you get a chartered 747 flight for you and 50 of your guests, your own firework show - lasting around 210 seconds - accommodation at the hotel and loads of champagne - got your credit card (and a hundred others) at the ready!?

2. Something smells fishy

You’re at the cinema, what do you fancy… Will it be a cup load of pic ‘n’ mix, perhaps some popcorn or a big bag of chocolate sweets - all nice familiar stuff. If you were heading to the VIP area in some of Moscow’s cinemas you might also be offered some Beluga caviar. Not for those with unadventurous palates, this type of caviar consists of fish eyes that were laid in the Caspian Sea. If you don’t fancy acquiring this taste then maybe stick to the sweet/salty flavours of popcorn.

3. Care for the endangered

Many of us have been transported to the plains of Africa, or the snowy wilds of the Arctic circle when we’ve been to zoos and parks to see tigers, lions and polar bears. Now you can get up close and personal with many different exotic animals thanks to a great VIP package from Manor House Wildlife Park, also known as Anna’s Welsh Zoo. This park has a fantastic array of furry guests, including zebras, lemurs and gibbons. Their special VIP package allows visitors to shadow keepers and get behind the scenes caring for some of the animals - grrrrreat!

4. Chainsaw scares

We’ve discovered that many VIP experiences are about being pampered in some way or being made to feel extra important. Well with our last example, you might well feel like you’re a star… a star of your very own horror movie that is! Universal Studios regularly host their Halloween Horror Nights with a VIP option. Here you can be in the company of scary creatures brandishing working chainsaws, get lost around scary mazes and scream your way around horrific rides - no one said being a VIP was easy or boring! Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences Areas at Conferences
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