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Glasses For A Grape Time

Post by: Linsey S
Glasses For A Grape Time Conference Conference Conference Conference Conference

Wine comes in many different types but so do the glasses you can drink it in, why be boring & choose traditional glasses instead of these…

Turnaround Traditional Tasting!

A customer of our’s working in the wine industry recently arranged an event that showed how popular this drink is. We delivered 120 white folding chairs for a special dinner featuring some fantastic wines. This beverage is made across the world and comes in a variety of different types, from fruity and rich Shiraz, to lighter Pinot Noirs. There’s usually a set way to taste wine, involving swilling the beverage in the glass, to inhaling the aromas then tingling those taste buds with a sip!

Glasses - not for the masses?

If you’d like to wine taste with a difference, or you want to step away from the usual formalities then these truly weird glasses can add the hint of the unexpected you might be after…

1. Reverse the trend

Bottoms up - or bottoms down!? With these glasses the choice is yours. Shaped like a traditional glass at the top, the stem doesn’t end in a the usual base but flares out to become another receptacle that you can drink from. There’s a range available and the shape of the tops don’t necessarily reflect the design of the bottom - just don’t forget what end you’re drinking out of, as that could just get messy.

2. Heart of the matter

We’re not really sure who’d like glasses shaped like body parts, maybe surgeons, doctors… but if you count yourself as a fan of glassware inspired by the human body then you might like Etienne Meneau’s ‘Little Heart’ decanter. Standing at 7.9 inches, this glass features four contoured glass tubes connecting to one tube at the top, giving it a heart shape. Just add red wine - if you’re not too squeamish!

3. Music to your taste buds

Somewhere in a pub or club on a Saturday night, they’ll be someone who runs a finger along the rim of a glass so they can create a musical note. Why… we’re not sure! If you really want to impress your fellow wine tasters then you might consider snapping up the musical wine glass collection from London company Nostalgics. These are printed with level indicators showing what note is produced when wine is poured to different levels in the glass - who needs backing music to the Karaoke singing when you have these?

4. Burn some rubber

You might have already seen these glasses as they’ve been a trend on social media, and we don’t think they’re going away anytime soon. Made from rubber, these are basically an unbreakable type of glass beaker that’s perfect for events that require a more ‘robust’ glass - such as outdoor parties, festivals and when you’re camping.

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