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Winged Horses Land At The ExCeL

Post by: Linsey S
Winged Horses Land At The ExCeL

We were recently in the company of winged horses, horned demons and a spider-Geisha at a totally unreal event.

Brilliant beauty

ExCeL London recently hosted the fabulous flagship Professional Beauty show, and we were delighted to get involved with such an exciting event, supplying a wide range of our furniture, from black/white corbusier sofas, ropes & poles, conference chairs and rectangular tables.

Making Your Event Mythical

The occasion was truly versatile and really called for a large selection of our items, which were used in many different locations throughout the huge premises, from catwalk seating, to VIP areas, therapy chairs and cubicle storage too. Practitioners and retailers offering anything from makeup, to skin care, too wellness treatments, to training, and so much more all came together in one place to create an amazing event - so how can your event get the great, unreal feel… Here are our top tips

1. Throw In A Freebie

Companies at exhibitions often make use of freebies by giving out gifts to guests, such as pens, fabric bags for example. These are perfect products for branding and can get your name out there. But when you really want to make an impression why not offer something a bit different from the rest? This is exactly what Sunescape did, when they invited consumers to their stand for complimentary spray tans. It seems it really did the trick, with the company reporting huge sales for the two-day show!

2. Impress, Impress & Impress!

A great freebie is one way to catch the attention of potential customers, and offering innovative treatments and techniques is also a great tip. There was so much on offer at this years Professional Beauty event, and one of our favourites contributions was from Art Pro Nail.

Cool cuticles

You might be used to seeing all sorts of intricate designs on nails, such as swirling patterns, leopard prints and those encrusted with stones - but have you ever seen your own face or any other super clear image on your nails? Now you can with the help of Art Pro Nail’s new printer that can basically take nearly any image and transfer it to your nails, now all those selfies don’t just have to stay on your phone.

3. It’s Star Time!

Celebrities who start up their own businesses usually have a ready-made fanbase to sell their products too. As well as endorsing their own products, they can also promote events they’re attending too. For this latest event, Amy Childs from the Only Way Is Essex was showcasing some of her clothing and beauty line, to great excitement from photographers and the press. So, when you really want your function to get some attention, don’t forget to invite some celebrities.

4. Get Mythical....

One of our favourite parts of the Professional Beauty event was the Warpaint competition, which we think made it totally unique and memorable. Artists came up with the most creative make up ideas that we have ever seen.

What’s an event without a winged horse!?

The competition was divided into several sections and we were really happy to help out with the seating that surrounded the catwalk. Our favourite and most out-there designs featured a winged horse in a fur bikini, a woman painted so she was half spider and half Geisha girl, and a towering man who sent a shiver down our spine as a horned demon. So, when you want a memorable and impressive occasion don’t forget the mythical creatures! Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty
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