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The Most Unexpected Exam Events?

Post by: Linsey S
The Most Unexpected Exam Events?

A lot of preparation goes into exams, but occasionally something very unexpected crops up that you could never have planned for...

Legal-easy - Exam Desk Hire

We’re pleased to say that one aspect of recent exams went just as it should. We recently transported 165 exam desks to a client of our’s who works in the legal sector. As well as delivering the order to the stunning, historical West London venue, we also completed a full installation of the product too. Take a look at our pics to see the desks fully set up in the impressive location!

Putting the EEK into Exam Eventualities...

Not all aspects of exams go according to plan, and we’ve picked a few of our flabbergasting favourites here…

1. Bonk-ers!

As a student you probably prepared for exams with some revision, reading, test papers and essays too, and even some cramming for those areas you’ve left a bit late - following this there’s not much else to be done and you can feel confident you’ll do the best you can… Unfortunately this tactic didn’t work for one pupil who sneezed so hard her head connected with the desk and she knocked herself out - maybe take some cold remedy if you’ve got that blocked up feeling before an assessment.

2. Put a sock in it

One candidate decided to make use of some novelty socks for his exam, but not for long… The student was a bit short of clean ones so thought they’d be no harm in wearing Christmas socks to his assessment, but they activated during the exam so everyone got a tinny rendition of Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. He was quickly asked to remove them - perhaps resulting in a bit of a red face for the student!

3. Maybe baby

Pregnancy usually follows a predictable schedule, but a student was surprised when she went into labour early during her final legal assessment. Instead of going directly to the hospital, she instead finished the exam then made her way to the labour unit - now that’s multi-tasking.

4. Bye bye birdie…

The smallest noise in an exam can sound very loud, so it’s not hard to imagine the chaos just two pigeons can bring. Exams at Bangor University came to a squawking halt when the feathered duo entered the hall and decided to stay there until the afternoon. Invigilators cancelled the tests to reschedule them later in the week - giving candidates lots to tweet about in the meantime! Exams Exams Exams Exams Exams Exams Exams Exams
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