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Could This Cheese Get You Arrested?

Post by: Linsey S
Could This Cheese Get You Arrested?

Cheddar is a staple UK food, but some cheeses are so strong they’re banned from public transport - are you brave enough to try these?

Be Brave - Go Beyond Bovine!

This week we called into visit a client who had hired 16 of our aluminium high stools for a pop-up cheese shop, and we even got to sample some of the delicious diary on offer. Traditionally in the UK we make cheese from cow’s milk, but a little bit of research has revealed that it’s a completely different story internationally - would you make a sandwich with the help of the following?

1. Say more to Eeyore?

Donkeys might drum up a variety of images in the UK, such as beach rides or a good friend of Winnie the Pooh. In Serbia these lovable animals are known for a lot more than plodding along the coastline carrying excited children on the sand. Donkey milk in this region is turned into a delicious smoked cheese. The animals roam free in the wilds, and because there are so few of them the price of the finished product is exceptionally expensive and sometimes quoted as one of the most expensive in the world.

2. Gobble up gold…

As the main ingredient of many cheeses, it’s amazing that processing, maturing and adding a few different flavours to milk can produce so many different varieties of one dairy product. Because of the huge selection of cheeses on the market it can be difficult to stand out from the others available. We think we’ve found one that does this easily - Stilton Gold, which as the name suggests features real gold! Covered in gold flakes, this must be one of the most well-dressed cheeses of all time.

3. Pongy and pungent

At first glance Epoisses might not seem that unusual as a cheese, after all it’s made from cow’s milk… with one crucial difference, the milk is raw. This and the way it’s processed results in an ultra smelly product. In fact, this is considered such an odorous food, travellers on public transport are banned from taking it on-board, a cheese that’s not as innocent as it first seems.

4. Getting the hump?

Like with the donkey, Camels aren’t usually thought of as sources for dairy products in the UK. We’re more likely to know Camels as the ‘ships of the desert’, but in Pakistan and Afghanistan their milk is used to make a cheese called Kadchgall. Yoghurt is also added during production giving a creamy twist to this product, which could also give these animals the name ‘ships of the dessert’ if cheese and biscuits after eating is your thing.

5. Want some Rudolf?

Reindeers can make us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, thanks to the long association between them and Christmas! Reindeers can also contribute to a happy tummy if cheese made from this festive animal is on your plate. Called Juustoleipa, this cheese is traditionally dunked in hot drinks in Finland - suggesting that this Christmas you might want to leave out some crackers and a coffee in case you’d like to sample some cheese Rudolf might leave behind? Up Store Up Store Up Store Up Store Up Store Up Store Up Store
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