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£9.47 £11.36 / 1-7 days
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£9.47 £11.36 / 1-7 days
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  • Sophisticated braided rope as standard (part of VIP rope and post kit)
  • Rope length 1.5m
  • Complements our red carpet perfectly
  • Excellent for use in public areas including shopping malls, grand openings or product launches
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Glam it up

Deep gold has long had an association with luxury and premium venues and occasions. This is why our ropes and poles feature a heavy braided rope in this colour - it simply looks great! The finish of the rope combined with the elegant chrome pole results in a top rate product that can only make your decadent London occasion look even more stylish than it does already.

See gold

Our furniture hire range gives you lots of different ways to design your venue. After choosing your theme, simply pick the items from our products that complement it. Our ropes and poles are a fantastic choice for those premium occasions because of the product line’s chic design. Common London locations for these crowd control barriers include red carpet parties, VIP events in nightclubs and other locations, as well as conferences, weddings, balls and award ceremonies where you want some extra glitz.

Light to locate

These are examples of popular locations for our ropes and poles, but feel free to order and use them for any event you like! As well as their ultra-chic looks, these barriers are also really practical too. The modern look of the post is just one benefit to choosing an item with this kind of finish, another is that the material used is nice and light. This allows you to move them with ease and place them exactly where you need them without too much effort.

Get in the zone...

Whether you need them outside a top city nightclub to admit guests, or for cordoning off exhibits, or showing guests where they need to stand, these are simple to manoeuvre. The deluxe braided rope is really quick and easy to unclip from the post, allowing you to move guests smoothly into and out of venues or zones within your complex. We have large stocks of all our crowd control barriers, perfect when you’re arranging those large occasions, and our ropes and poles make an excellent choice when you’re designing your venue with glitz and glamour in mind.

What do they have to do with safety?

Place them in parallel lines for large queuing, or use them for defining different zones - such as VIP or red carpet areas. As well as acting as a visual cue to where guests can stand, our ropes and poles are a great way to maximise safety when it comes to your occasion. There are often strict fire regulations so visitors can be evacuated if need be, and our barriers help to ensure guests are able to smoothly exit buildings.

Bespoke crowd management posts

Because crowd control barriers are often a necessity for many different functions when it comes to fire policies, we stock a versatile range so there’s a model for all your events! If our chrome finish is your preferred choice then it makes sense that you’ll like our aptly named chrome stretch barrier! This has a sturdy post and strong blue webbing that can be extended and retracted with ease.

Class act

Our black stretch barrier has a similar design, but with a super classy black post and webbing. These crowd control products are perfect for a range of occasions from huge sporting events, to product launches, book signings, celebrity functions and many, many more events!


Weight 2.00 kg
Width 1500 mm
Depth 35 mm

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