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£25.77 £30.92 / 1-7 days
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£25.77 £30.92 / 1-7 days
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  • Free flow feature gives great mobility so hire chair adapts to your movement
  • Wheeled five-star base makes it easier to move around office space
  • Hire chair seat can be raised and lowered easily with one simple action
  • Deep padding on armrest and seat results in a luxurious hire chair
  • Deluxe features means it can take pride of place in executive offices
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Executive managers chair: For the ultimate in sophistication and comfort

We know that the busy executive really appreciates comfortable hire chairs as they go about their important tasks in the working day. Our executive managers chair is one of our highest quality products that not only gives a luxurious seating experience but looks fantastic too.

Top benefits:

At we know that it’s essential to get the right kind of hire chairs for your firm and for the people using them. Our executive managers chair adapts to the person using it, so when people have to sit for long lengths of time their posture is well supported - perfect for busy executives.

The importance of hire chair movement

This chair hire model has a free flow feature, so that when you lean back in the chair it can move with you for comfort. When the role of our uk chair hire customers involves constantly reaching for phones, folders, reference books and monitors, the executive managers chair is a wise choice for them because adjusts to these natural movements.

If you prefer seatbacks to be fixed in one position to keep your spine upright, then there’s a locking mechanism integrated into the hire chair to hold it in place.

Easy spur-of-the moment

Making sure you can communicate easily with your team is essential to keep your working days running smoothly. The executive managers chair really suits these kinds of roles, with its five-star base featuring wheels for even more mobility. The base of this hire chair allows you to smoothly move it around your office space or towards colleagues that you want to chat to.

Hire chairs that help interaction

In boardrooms or training environments, these hire chairs can be turned or easily grouped together with other executive managers chairs to facilitate communication. So, when you’re searching our online chair hire catalogue for models that complement executive meetings or offices this product is ideal.

Top quality for ultimate comfort

This deluxe executive managers chair not only looks like a top quality hire chair, it feels like one too. The inviting deep padded seat and back of this office chair is extremely comfortable to sit on, while the leather material gives the model an even more luxurious feel. Padded armrests provide some extra support and boost comfort levels of the executive managers chair even more.

Hire chairs tailored by you

Additional ergonomic features mean each delegate can adapt the hire chair to match their height and posture. The level of the executive managers chair’s seat can be raised and lowered using the no-effort lever that works via a gas lift mechanism.

Check out our online chair hire deals

Thanks to our affordable chair hire website, you can get your office and event stocked with this model at great rates, and for less than the costly retail price normally applied to the chair. Visit our specialised online chair hire website to select, pay for and arrange next-day delivery of your executive leather chairs.

Special rates for large and long-term chair hire orders make these deluxe chairs an affordable choice for many.

Ideal for:

The deluxe padding, adjustable height feature and padded armrests that work to support posture all ensures that the executive managers chair is perfect for offices, conferences, boardrooms and meetings.


Weight 14.00 kg
Height 1140 mm
Width 630 mm
Depth 630 mm
Seat Depth 550 mm

How comfortable are the leather managers chairs?

Extremely. With a deep padded seat and seat back they are extremely comfortable especially when used for long periods of time. The padded arm rests also offer complete comfort and luxury. They are height adjustable and include a lock tilt mechanism to complement and enhance your well-being throughout the day.

I like the stylish design of these chairs – are they affordable?

We offer deals on all our hire chairs so you can get the best rates available. You can tailor your order so you only hire chairs for the exact period you need them for and when you hire in large batches you can benefit from additional discounts.

Would they suit non-executive locations too?

Yes. These hire chairs are designed with decadence in mind. Although they are the perfect addition to top level offices, they are fantastic in all places where you'd like to make a statement with your office furniture, from boardrooms, to receptions and conferences.

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